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MaryBeth Foote

Well, I KNOW that the law of attraction supports me. I get all kinds of things that I ask for and resist for good/bad equally based on the power of my intentions.

Affirmations of trust, love and collective hope are what I would like to embrace more consistently now in order to up the ante on manifesting my Divine right(s) on a larger scale.


It boosted me up that I felt I could start with the 2nd truth. I am open to imagining that the law of attraction supports me in many practical ways. I AM!

The universe has already given me a hint of my power this week. And I'm ready for more!

I have felt lighter and can breathe deeper and it is scary and awesome to feel my power, especially when I said out loud my challenge to the universe. And now, in this open place I would like to see my quantifiable proof. I'm ready universe!!

Michelle D.

I, too, already believe that the law of attraction supports me in practical ways. What's new for me is the prompt feeling of energy or power or vibration or whatever when I relax and ask for something. It really does feel like a radio tower transmitting a signal! Now I'm afraid to fret about anything! For instance, I was way too busy this weekend to have my very bare tire go flat. I imagined the tire making it until I had a break, and sure enough, it was replaced promptly yesterday. No hassles!


I know that LOA supports me in practical ways. I see the evidence in so many areas of my life.

I want to be consistent in using LOA in supporting me and my lifestyle...

Tonya Chenute

I am still wrestling with moving out of the way and letting the Universe fulfill what I ask for in the best possible way. So say when I ask for a particular thing and that thing does NOT appear to be forthcoming, instead of going to "I can't have what I ask for", or hopelessness, or helplessness, or victim stuff "poor me", I am choosing instead to go to "what is it I want this thing for?", TRUSTTTTTT:) jeez this is hard, not so easy to turn it over:), and then to the INVITE part of listening to what is happening, trust, and then take guided action platform. I will admit it is VERY difficult for me to let my vice grip of how-it-should-look go and then to let go of negative thinking patterns such as anger, frustration, etc., and all the emotions of sadness, separateness, despair, being disconnected, GO. JUST LET IT ALL GO AND EMBRACE WHAT COMES IN THE PRESENT MOMENT.

So this is where I am at so far.

Tonya Chenute


Hello Fellow Scientists,

Here's my 'unique adgenda':

Thanks for the space.


Dear God,

~ I want to believe that I can affect the prosperity that shows up in my life.

~ I want to experience that prosperity can come from unexpected sources.

~ I want to believe that good things can come to me through 'play' and 'flow' rather than only through hard work.

~ I want evidence that there is a practical strategy around creating prosperity that provides tangible results.

~ I want evidence that the idea of 'creating prosperity from the inside-out' is not just wishful thinking.

I am asking for observable and quantifiable proof that I can attract more prosperity within the next four weeks.

I am open to this prosperity arriving and taking the form of:

~ unexpected money coming into my life this month
~ receiving commitments from 5 perfect paying clients
~ unexpected gifts coming my way this month
~ being in the right places to make to make quality connections
~ clear inspiration leading me to new opportunities, especially in the attraction of new clients
~ meeting and connecting with, by going out, with new friends
~ a feeling of relief from fear, stress, sadness or discomfort & a stronger connection to my heart thoughts.

I am ready for a breakthrough. I am ready to see things in a different way.

And so it is!

Lisakay Smith


I know that the Law of Attraction supports me - it is inevitable. I see it over and over in my life and in other people's. I want to be able to harness and use it much more deliberately in my daily life. It is a question of becoming more aware in the moment that I can change my perspective in an instant.

Dana Batho

I know the LOA supports me, it's just that I have a hard time letting it support me for the big things! I've had lots of little things happen that I can only explain through LOA, and I want to get rid of my resistance to allowing it to come through on big dreams too!


It is said that "A flower that blooms in adversity, is the rarest and most beautiful of them all". This resonates with me so deeply. It kind of hit me over the head, as I was sitting there and heard this quote.

Through adversity I was lead to the laws of attraction and all it's knowings. Through adversity I am a better person. Through the path, adversity has lead me down; I'm now able to feel/reach for my vibrational essence.

Today I received a pleasant surprise in my paycheck, a bonus I was not expecting.

I can say now, the law of attraction supports me in practical ways. Now I must let go, relax and continue to let myself bloom.

Greg Roles

I believe the Law of attraction supports me in practical ways. It always has, and i usually end up getting what I want sooner or later. Problem is I need to ask better questions, and make better decisions.

Thankyou for the lessons this year, I now realise to become fully appreciative of money and wealth, I had to struggle and nearly lose everything. I now begin to understand, and the way opens before me.

Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou, things are already coming my way, and now I am noticing them more!!!


The Law of Attraction supports me when I am aligned to it. When I have reacted rather than responded to something things start to go awry. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to learn how to stay aligned and enjoy the wonderful abundance that comes to me.

Jane in Japan

when I pause and feel, with awareness, then something magical opens up. I just realized the house that the owners hope I buy and which I long for despite owning a house with one persistent occupant? so how to release this current space so I can move to the more suitable one? It is painted in the colors I loved from the house of my childhodd!! so really out of fashion in Japan. but it is truly more valuable then anything I have seen here!!

I feel certain this home is my next healing place. the peace, and amazing energy awaiting me there, the view, animal insect sounds and smells are old home for me. My current students feel safe and wonderful there viewing the long view and growing beyond their plans!
I am sure, as i reported yesterday that I am supported and this wonderful unusual organic place will become my next home,.
i am practicing opening myself to trust and new ideas which are coming fast and furiously joyfully everyday. Now to make time to create what is bursting to come from my soul now.

Namaste/ fullest kanshya shite imasu, arigato gozaimasu.

Jane in Japan

I am grateful for the current dream rental which has given me a new lease on hope. I own a home but request a place for myself without intrusive noise or unnecessary infractions on my life energy.
I am grateful for the time I have shared with my current house sharers but am now ready for my own energy to surface and manifest. The rental space has many coincidental aspects which encourage me to dare to buy it. I will live with an openness to this new possibility. Everyday I feel the opening of this wonderful opportunity,
thankyou, arigato gozaimasu.


The progressive affirmations seem so important to practice. I think I am going along pretty well and then a friend draws this hugely wonderful experience to her and her spouse and everything falls quickly in place. Even through the joy I feel for them I find myself fighting my anger at why it does not seem to work for me on that scale. I wonder am I just thinking and dreaming too small? How can I break through the resistance? I work to shut out the negative scarcity imprints that keep raising their old fuzzy heads. At times it feels like such a tiny seed and I am wanting the oak tree!


I ran across this quote today (from Iyanla): "When you come to the end of all the light that you know, and, you are about to step off into darkness, FAITH is knowing one of two things will happen. There will be something solid in the darkness for you to stand on OR you will be taught how to fly. HAVE FAITH!"


I have no issue regarding trust in the law of attraction or that the universal source has my back. It's impartial. It mirrors back to me what I show it. Which is simple, perfect and very zen-like. We reap what we sow. It's pure love. The universal source loves us so much, it gives us whatever we signal for. Unconditional.

Laura Owens

This is my answer to assignment 5 which asks this question:
But...and it's a big BUT...what happens when you're asking and
you don't get what you want? If you feel abandoned and angry at
Source for not supplying what you want, how can you still trust
this very Source to deliver your good? Energetically you are no
longer a match to what you want to co-create with the Universe,
not to mention that you are now in a conscious or unconscious
adversarial relationship with regards to partnering with Source.

My Response:
I believe that the Creator Of Lights, The Universe, God, causes everything.
Everything is always just as it should be. Creator/God/Universe is causing
everthing that is taking place at this moment, for the lessons I learning,
what I need at this time, and what I will need in the next season. Nothing
is missing and nothing is broken, everything is perfect and just as it should
be. In this season, creator is causing me to have the experience of learning
the "Law Of Attraction", the "Power Of Intention", the concept of "Deliberate
Creation", and the concept of the "Law Of Resistence" thru the course,
'CHOOSING PROSPERITY'. If I am having the experience of resisting instead of
manifesting: shifts, increase, desires, then I believe that everything is
just as it should be. I have peace and look forward to new seasons of
manifesting delight, desire fulfilled, growth, personal fulfillment. In my
life right now I am having the experience of realizing that my resistence is
rooted in feelings of unworthiness.


I believe that I am always supported by the universe according to the thoughts and vibrations I hold within me. From now on I am holding positive thoughts that I deserve all the things that I disire and know full well that the universal law will attract this to me.


What I need to learn is TRUST that the Universe will provide for me.

I have already been provided for in ways I didn't realize. Ok ... I knew it but didn't really feel it inside.

Now ... I have desires and if I ask myself, "What do I want this thing for?," I get an easy answer: because I love it. Because of love. Because of the easy ability to be my very best self! Because I love freedom and all it does for one. I hate to say "freedom from ..." because that's what I mean: freedom from a job. But I don't feel the least bit guilty. At the end, it's all "freedom TO."

Tomorrow I want to wake up when my body says it's time. Tomorrow, this first weekday of summer for me, I have many plans and I want FULL TIME to go for them.

I want TRAVEL to California and Spain -- for long periods. I INTEND these things. Why? Because I love them.

Love is the best reason of all.

Namaste ...!

conchita velasquez rosas

wow, this law of aatraction, atrracks everything i need in this month

Nancy K

Yes, trust is a big element for me, in general and in particular as I learn to immerse myself in the magic of the LOA.

Tonight, as I edited my book, I was struck with the thought that I shouldn't be devoting so much time doing this when I should be looking for ways to increase my income.

I recognized the voice quickly abd responded.

By completing a project I left hanging five years ago, I am in the process of increasing my income, whether or not this happens directly. I am clearing emotional clutter. I am remembering how to dream. I am spending time in the moment, and going out of my way to feel good.

So no, I am not perusing the help wanteds or exploring the idea of taking a p/t job I have no interest in to supplement my income.

I am preparing for school and a new career in coaching. I am writing again. And in time, all of these things will indeed increase my income.

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