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Coach D

This statement so resonates with aspects of my life. Eight or ten years ago I had the idea of writing a career book for internationally-educated professionals moving to Canada, but the seed sat dormant in my head until two years ago I stopped procrastinating and decided to act. I made a decision to do something everyday towards the completion of the book, whether it was to write, research or conduct interviews. One of my manifestations was that it would be ready by my birthday, March 11. On March 7, 2007, my book “No Canadian Experience, Eh? was came into being. One of my other goals was to have the book available through Chapters-Indigo and Amazon, and that has happened as well. It Works!

It was during this time I was introduced to Elyse through her website. Also, I am a long time follower of Jack Canfield and more recently his Success Principles. These connections played a huge role in helping me to focus on my goals and manifesting my version of prosperity. If measured in terms of dollars, I wouldn’t be there yet, but if measured in personal growth, gratitude, a sense of peace, possibilities and purpose, then I am prospering at an alarming speed.



Sue Burness

As I read this quote what came to me was "deserving". Yes it is becoming a cliche, but nontheless a core issue for many of us. I believe the turning point for me will arrive when I totally accept my deservedness (is that a word?!) I HAVE reached a point at which "living like this" (barely scraping by financially)no longer serves me! And it's important to note that for most of my adult life it DID serve me.


I'm one of those "overwhelmed" people....There are SO many things to CHOOSE. Perhaps today I'll start with one small thing. Let's see where that takes me. Victoria


I made a conscious choice to change how I lived my life after reading The Secret. I grew up with a "can't afford that" attitude and obviously, it was holding me back. Learning to choose prosperity means so much to how I look at my life-- from the paper towels I choose to the men I choose, it all means that in order to get prosperity flowing to me, I choose think of myself as deserving because I am a part of God's magnificence. It's working, and I'm so very grateful for all the abundance that is flowing to me. I choose prosperity, I choose Life!!!


The biggest challenge I have isn't believing this--I get it, it's dealing with this truth in a crisis. I work as a counselor and I find my clients are challenged by the need to keep a positive mental/emotional focus come what may. It's not what comes it's the attitude (and the emotions)that we hold around the situations. I am the chooser. Remaining vigilant in the moment...ah, now that can be an interesting thing ~ staying awake!


Thank you Elyse Hope for your time, commitment and love that flows through your words and web-site. I am most grateful.
Reading the exercise for today I wrote out the question "Are you ready to 'be the chooser' in your life". I then picked up a red pen and in large bold capital letters wrote - "YES, I AM READY TO BE THE CHOOSER IN MY LIFE."
One of the traits that has come to light for me over the past week or so is that I am no a doer. I plan, imagine, desire etc and then sit back and wait for it to happen = no action step. Therefore I now choose to do all that is required to make this experiment a success for me.
Namaste and good fortune to us all.

Linda B

Whatever you do - just CHOOSE! At 40+ it is better late than never for me. It is my mission to make it happen and show others that this is REAL and how to achieve this - a wonderfully pay it forward mentality.

Elizabeth Grimes

This quote really hits home for me. I previously commented on this forum that I recently made the conscious decision that I was going get my online business started (something I have been wanting for a long time, but haven't taken any steps toward achieving it). As soon as I made the decision, opportunities came to me that have allowed me to "get my foot in the door" and start an online business on a very limited income. I am learning how important it is to get a clear image of what you want, and make the decision that you are going to have it. Thinking "that would be nice, but..." won't bring you what you want, it will only bring you more of what you already have.


This phrase is the picture of life I also see...I recognize it as total truth, especially in my own life. It's been almost 2 years ago that I first came across the Abraham-Hicks books; and when I started reading the first one, I cried most of the way through it because I KNEW it to be truth, but my heart grieved because I also knew I wasn't yet at the place where I could believe it for myself. I was always "there" for "others" - but not for me. That has changed significantly in the last year. When I picked back up on those truths again about a year ago, I again cried, but this time it was because I knew I was ready...for the most part - I cried out of gratitude and appreciation for the great distance I had come from that previous year. It was then that I also said, "NO MORE...I refuse to continue to live in this mire of unbelief...I know there is more for me, and I'm going for it!!!" I still have some "unwinding" to do, as far as areas of unbelief that have bound up my mind, emotions and thoughts for so many years, but I'm now one of "those" who now can embrace my own belief that "I can fly" - as far and as high as I want to fly!!!!

Thanks, Elyse, for this experiment. Thanks for offering it as a "free" thing out of the desire of your heart to assist people in getting more "free" from within. I pray for many, many blessings in your life, your business and your inner abundance for your global efforts!



I too am 40+ I've live life accepting defeat as "all part of it". I've learned many things along the way, knowledge I cherish, but unfortunately it was received mainly by "hard knocks" thinking that was how we are supposed to learn and live. Knocked down, get up and reflect on the lesson taught! Repeat, repeat, repeat...
It is refreshing and I find great relief knowing that is NOT the only method for me to learn valuable lessons. It was there all the time. I haven't raised my children that way and as I think about it I am astounded that I have chosen that for myself.
Thank you Elyse you are doing a great service for all of us who are reflecting on what you have provided us here.
I am commited to conciously turn it around and pay attention to my inner self-no longer considering that as selfishness but knowing that doing this, all will benefit and prosper.
I can honestly say that I am feeling better and looking hopefully into the future.


i love these daily focusses, thankyou elyse. it really works for me to have all these daily and weekly reminders .to stay clear of the muck. i love the idea that i am the chooser, and everytime i remind my self this, i get a rush of energy.and then a pang of gunk, can i do this,? so here is the beginning of a pivot, of course you can rose!listen more to what you want, dont' converse with the lies! breathing in kindness and love and breathing out the specific trigger really helps me.

Tom Selkow

I have listened to Brian Tracy CD sets and remember hearing this quote. That gives me the warm fuzzy of familiarity and agreement, it was pleasant to experience.
I agree with this observation and think that I have gotten to the point where my feet are planted and I'm motivated to overcome the fears, obstacles and what ever else gets in the way. I've found that looking for the essence of what I really love to do and measuring whether I've moved closer or not today makes lots of issues melt away. Also being kind and friendly to me is a key shift that is helping.
Try Louise Hay's suggestion of standing up throwing your arms open wide and declaring "I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the Universe. Thank you life." It's very hard to feel overwhelmed after a couple of these!

Sreelatha Meleth

I am finally beginning to not just intellectually understand the quote but really live it in a day to day, moment to moment way.
Yesterday I manifested another desire from my creation box. Every morning I take the items from my box out a read my intentions, pray over them, send them positive energy and put them back.

One of the items in my creation box is money to create a survey instrument that measures individual empowerment. This actually is a very 'hot' issue in health behavior and education research now. Since I have become aware of this research, I just knew that this was where I was supposed to direct my skills as a statistician / researcher. In any case after two unsuccessful attempts at getting funding for a pilot grant, I had decided to postpone my next attempt till October which is when I intend to get funding for my grant.
Yesterday one of my colleagues offered me a small amount of money to start work on the development of the instrument. I am seeking some matching funds from the director of my institute. I am intending to get it. Once I have a rudimentary instrument it will be so much more convincing to ask for money to validate it.
I believe I am at the point where I have decided that I seek success, the kind I dreamed of when I was a little girl. I see evidence of this choice every single day now.
Thank you Elyse for this forum and PPP.

Pam Peyron

What a great quote! I love feeling the "crossroads" of settling that "the only life I haven't lived is my own" receding in the rearview mirror! What an exciting future it is moment to moment!

Thank you Elyse for this June focus on evidences of prosperity, moment to moment!

Janet Planet

It is the time I finally stood up and said "I am sick and tired of being sick and tired!" From that moment on, once I reclaimed my power, my transformation began. Giving myself permission to BE.

Ruth Greenwood

Maybe THIS is what President Bush meant when he said, "I am the DECIDER" and he is, and we can be, too.

Chuckling over the connection, I didn't see taking the reins of my life as a heavy thing...but it is good to choose.

I love the part of "The Secret" in which they talk about there being no "mission" for us other than what we choose our mission to be. How freeing!!!


Choosing the right thoughts or vibrations has always been a challenge for me.Intellectually I get it, but realistically the monkey mind takes over so I 'choose' to beleive that it is a little of wishfull thinking that I can be so focused.

Taylor Stevens

Having recently turned 50, I am really open to embrace this quote! It seems to me that as a society we so accept age as a limitation, rather than an asset. I sure wish I had known at 15 what I know today. It feels like I could have made much more empowered choices. I could have been more conscious of my choices, and what programming I was making them from. And the past was what it was, and is what it is: past. Fifteen was a long time ago, and I am finally happy to be who I am at 50. I relish the power of choice today, and as I allow myself to embrace my past and all its perceived mistakes, it all becomes the fodder for todays success. For me, success isn't based in what I do. It's in Who I choose to Be. Getting a clearer perspective on that is worth the 35 years of seeming trial and error between two equal points in this incarnation. From Who I choose to Be today, I am able to do great things. I commit myself to being a shining example of Love for todays 15 year olds, and for the 50 year old people who think life is somehow less after youth. I've only just begun!


Funny that this should come up today. After going along thinking I had it all figured out, yesterday I hit quite a few bumps. So I am back in the workshop of letting go, choosing the good thoughts and deciding that is what will control outcomes and smooth out those bumps. And having revisited this space I really don't wnat to live like that anymore. So practice, practice, practice seems to be in order. Deciding and choosing that I am in control and since the universe is paying attention, I better be clear about what I decide and choose. Now I shall see what today brings. Thanks for allowing the space to express myself. It helps a lot.

Bonnie - acreativelady in WA state

I am so very, very grateful and feel truly blessed for all the fantastic good and wonderful opportunities that are showing up in my life !!! I received the gift of a 35mm camera yesterday and (with literally NO money to my name that was not suppose to be PAID to someone else - I had $6.34 in my purse!!!) I was given an advance of $250 on work that I will be doing in the next week --- so, I have and will have money to create things "HAPPENING" in my life !!! I am soo blessed and soo very, very grateful for this marvelous opportunity to BE choosing to create new & exciting changes in my life that I am now knowing I so richly deserve !!! thank you-thank you-thank you !!!

Kara Lennox

What this means to me is that we stop being victims, or seeing ourselves as at the mercy of circumstances.

I made this decision more than twenty years ago. I've had to "re-make" it a few more times, because sometimes we forget the lessons we've learned.

Yesterday was one of those days. I am closing in on 50 years old and, while I have a generally happy, healthy and productive life, there are things I've been putting off 'til "someday." I decided to rent a beach house for a month next fall, in the off season. Now what was so hard about that?


Another 40+ chooser right here : ) Actually, I love the quote for today. I've read it before, and it always inspires me, and makes me feel hope! I know that the turning point in my life is now. That's why I vibrate so much with the quote. I have finally let go of my attachment to disappointments. I still have things happen that are disappointing, but now I don't let them devastate me. I used to expect it all the time, and gee, I got what I expected! Because now I know I was creating and attracting the disappointments. I also am not letting my age hinder or depress me. What I have to do with the rest of my life is huge, and I will not be overwhelmed by my creative goals. Instead, when I focus, calm, and ground myself, everything flows easily. Even big, important things. So, that is how I shall continue my Turning Point in this life. It's like The Wizard of Oz. I have the ruby slippers on, and whenever I want to manifest, I just click them together. I had them the whole time. : )


That turning point in the quote usually means rock bottom for people. Just like how each and every one of us has different tolerance levels to pain, and thus what is rock bottom for me may not be rock bottom for you. Once one reaches rock bottom I believe there are two ways of reacting: total surrender to the situation, or the sudden flash of resolution that never again will that situation happen.

I believe the latter takes strength of character and a conviction that they deserve better. There are many out there that don't think they are deserving, thus they wallow and fade away.


My turning point is right now. I choose healing in my life right now! No longer do I live by fear of disease and realize the true healing abilities of my own body. I don't need outside cures to heal and have all the tools I need to heal myself. In turn, I will transfer this wisdom to those around me who need healing as well.


There is an old song "bye-bye love; bye-bye happiness..." I am singing "bye-bye scarcity; bye-bye misery. I am living graciously. I am living abundantly. I am living richly" For me there has been a paradox of living on the edge. It has served me in some ways. No one can believe that I live as well as I do on as little as I have and make. I know that that has been a gift to others. Now, however I want to gift myself. I choose an absolute abaundance of joy, excitement, riches and generosity. I choose that my creative therapeutic tools be discovered and marketed to a large population. AND my two year old self chooses this NOW in the very concreteness of everyday life. I do so appreciate the chance to put these thoughts outside myself. Thanks

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