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I have received 800.00 plus in the last 3 days of unexpected and found money. Yahhhh


Today is a day of resistance. As I'm taking the BIG step to the next level, the outside resistance is appearing. I don't feel like I'm in resistence internally, but it's showing on the outside.


Hello all,

I have just done an accounting and there have been 5 small unexpected financial successes over the past week. Thank you universe - I love it!


My biggest challenge is maintaining my high level of vibration when slogging through lifes daily muck. Honestly, I don't have a lot of muck to slog through, but there are those days taht just get me down. What can I do to remind myself of where I aspire to stay vibrationally?

Bonnie Karpay

I think the "ask a question" site is closed now. Or at least the link's not working at this time. But I have a question:

I'm really enjoying this feeling of prosperity that I've elevated throughout this past week! I feel so powerful and unencumbered. Anything is possible!!

Okay, but the truth (right now) is that I'm still on a budget and although I've heard people like James Ray recommend not saying "I can't afford it", but to affirm "I CAN afford it!"... I really don't have the money right now to have the nice dinners or the shopping sprees. What response can I use when people ask me questions when the answer is something negative that I'm trying to turn around?

Another example: I'm focused on getting 15 clients into my coaching practice this summer. Right now I have one client. In my mind, in my soul, I regularly affirm "I AM a successful coach. I AM coaching 15 clients every month." But when someone asks me how many clients I have, do I say 15? Or do I tell them 1?

I'd love anyone's input!



I also pick Oprah as someone whose life I would like to immulate on her scale.however Iam doing all that I can to help others. Ialso remain humble and like to remain in the background. Ifeel that given the opportunity Icould help million more.



this is day seven of this prosperity expermint, and so far i havn't had any luck at manifesting anything to do with the secrest into my life!! anyone got any good news to share with me? i think i need some real help with the secret!1!

Gina A

For Bob Schreiner: Sometimes the prosperity is in things other than money -like time enough to do things that make money, or better emotional support from the people you're close to so you can more easily go out and be successful. And sometimes it doesn't happen today, or exactly when we demand it - demanding's probably not the best way to be approaching it, because it's a welcoming in of the good things we want and need - but be open to things happening in unexpected ways, don't expect it to be as you plan it. It will happen, but you can't dictate exactly how it will happen. Stay open, look at the resistance you're probably holding.
best wishes, Gina A

mary F

I resonate with these statements. I seem to take the air for granted always being there for us. So now I give thanks for the beautiful air because where I live ( In the countryside) the air is so clean and beautiful with colourful birds and beautiful green trees. All this is given. A quote from Abraham-Hicks sums it up for me "You don't have to justify the good that flows to you it is given"
Statement 2 reminds me of my Hight Self and the importance of connecting with the Master Self Within. For me there is clarity and choice it what to do.For example prayer and Meditation. However, the level of trust and gratitude need to be expanded. (Work in progress).

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