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Greg Roles

I have no single role model, but I most certainly admire certain traits and aspects of various people. I can be held spellbound watching a family and their kids playing in a playground, and I appreciate at least the outward appearance of that love. I admire loving couples, walking hand in hand, and I remember the times in my life I too have been there. I admire busienss people in the city, in their flashy cars, and am thrilled by their "apparent" material success. But so too am I moved by simple folk, who just smile, real genuine smiles, and it makes me realise what I long for, and admire and look up to the most, is that inner joy and happiness these people portray. I too spend a lot of time there, but I'd like to spend more!

Maxine Smith

I have just logged onto the blog for the first time and read some of the responses. I received such an energy just by doing that that I did begin to feel inspired, that those people who have responded are to be admired as they are taking the time to focus on themselves and their needs; however, not to the exclusion of all others. I Thank each and every person for taking the time to blog as I have been able to feel the energy of attraction alive and well in each response and, BOY, is it contagious....Thank You


I see Oprah Winfrey very much as a role model for prosperous living. Her actions are in line with her beliefs, she shares knowledge, she gives back, she says no, she keeps questioning, she allows herself comfort.
I feel good when I think about walking in her path because I see it as "If she can do it ,so can I"
I don't see her as 'one in a million'


Hello All,
This question provides a very difficult issue for me: There are no role models for prosperity in my life! My family of origin were very wealthy. In fact, mega rich, but through on-going fights, arguments, legal battles between the extended family members, (none of this directly involved either myself or my sister), you name it, the money was totally dissipated and my parents died leaving only a small bungalow house. No role model there! There was a point when I was very successful in business, but I found that the majority of the business people that I had to deal or work with were variously involved with outrageous, extra-marital sex, popping pills legal and illegal, together with serious alcohol addictions most of the time and generally not exactly model citizens. No role model there! Perhaps I need to find myself a role model as part of my money issues.
Best wishes to all from Stuart


Wow these questions are in tune with my daily experiences. Just finished book 4 of The Teachings of The Masters of The Far East. Statements in the book were about choosing God,Jesus and the Masters as role models. To do as they would even when you do not know what I myself would do. To be in spirit with the highest.

Dana Batho

I too find Oprah an amazing role model. She has never gone after the success or money, she has just always been amazingly in tune with what people want. Even at the beginning of her career in tv, when she could have gone down the trash talk show format, she decided to use her show to help people, and to lift them up. Everything she touches turns to gold, and I totally love the fact that she does say no, that she is not a people pleaser. She does what is best for her, and she and everyone around her reap the benefits. She seems like such a normal person, who by paying attention to her world around her, and taking the necessary action, has made such an enormous difference to the world.

And of course, I also feel that Nelson Mandela and the Dalai Lama are amazing role models. Even throughout personal persecution and major struggles, they held onto their faith in the truth, and their faith that peace is the only answer. I find people with that kind of inner strength and single-mindedness totally inspiring. I feel that if they can overcome such huge obstacles, there are no excuses for me not to take on my challenges and use them to my advantage.

Lim Chiew Boey from Malaysia

Dear all, Namaste! It is wonderful and great to co-create with many liked minded beings on this planet. I could feel the positive and abundance energy vibration along in this forum. It is excellent that we are connected thru Elyse's forum, her generous and unconditional efforts have enabled us to take The Law of Attraction to its manifestation. Thanks to all wonderful you. May all be blessed abundantly. Love....cb


I admire Oprah Winfrey ,Louise Hay and Sidney Poitier for their integrity, their selflessness, their generosity and their willingness to share their wisdom to help men kind achieve greatness . I have also been greatly inspired by Nelson Mandela,Ghandi, Mother Theresa, Jean Goodall, Doreen Virtue , Marie magdelaine , Leonard Da Vinci , Einstein just to name a few ..And the common everyday hero who offers a helping hand to anyone in need .


My number one role model is Jesus, who never lied, always forgave, supplied unconditional love and trusted in our heavenly Father to be his true source and supply.

One of my earthly role models is Dani Johnson of www.workathomeprofitzone.com Her business teachings are in line with the Spiritual prosperity teachings of the Bible.

How do I feel when I imagine myself walking a similar path to 'success'? Truly Blessed knowing I am striving for and fully experiencing all that God has created me to be!

I am wishing you all life has to offer...

(¨`·.·´¨) from
`·.¸(¨`·.·´¨) my
`·.¸.·´ to yours

Peace ¸..· ´¨¨)) -:¦:-
((¸¸.·´ -:|:- ..·´ Light-:¦:-
. .·´ ((¸¸.·´*And Love

Take Care and God Bless


Like some of my peers here, I see Oprah as a great model of prosperity. Certainly she earns a wonderful amount of money each year, but even more I love her passion for what she does--and I desire something similar for myself. Providing powerful, life changing, funny, provocative information, charitable donations, enlightening millions--and she's wealthy,smart and gorgeous to boot. That works for me!

Wendy Garrido

I really had to think about this question and I'm SOOO glad to have had the opportunity to ponder it. It seems that day 8 came a day early, but I'm so glad it did! This question has had a really profound effect on me today, it might even be life changing.

Here's my experience. Like it or not we ALL have role models in our lives, that's how we've created the current realities we are living. My first thought of a role model is came to my mom, who has taught me so many empowering beliefs about myself, but I've also taken on her beliefs that "Money doesn't make people happy," that $13,000 is a "ridiculous" amount of money to pay for a car, and that $500 is a "disgusting" amount of money to spend on a mattress. (Just my token phrases that I've applied EFT to resolve.) For as great a role model as she is in so many ways, I choose to have someone else as my role model when it comes to financial prosperity.

The question for me, then, was who do I want my role models to be?

This was a tough one. A celebrity figure didn't work for me because my inner beliefs aren't as easily influenced by famous people. I still have too much "them/me" separation (resistance) to really believe that they are really like me (or therefore, that I can be like them).

So then I had to search my mind for people I know personally who have, what I would consider, "a lot of money." The ones I could think of were mostly miserable in their relationships, in poor health, stingy with their money, or believed they had to "work long and hard" to get it. I choose to have someone other than those people as my role model.

Eventually I asked my husband and he mentioned one of my best friends parents.

I knew they were the ones. They are VERY spiritual and self-growth oriented, they are open and sharing with their money (while still being wise about it), they seem to have a loving, affectionate, and respectful relationship, they have a second home in south america where they divide their time evenly, they are extremely close to their two twenty-something sons, they drive the cars they want, buy the appliances they want, and buy plane tickets when they want to. They are my role models. I can't emphasize what a relief and how freeing it is to have identified the "kind" of rich person I want to be, and not only that, but to have identified role models I know personally.

It's been months now that I've been hearing people talk about role models, and I could only think of celebrities, but finding people I know personally (even though I've only met them a few times, I know they're son very well) has made such a difference.

When they talk about visualizing, they talk about how different it is to visually a hundred dollar bill than to visualize "a lot of money"--that's the importance of being specific. That's the shift that's taken place as a result of figuring out who my role models are. I've always known them, but now I have a clear picture of what it is to be rich and maintain all my values.

Perhaps I'll find new role models as my "role" changes, but for the moment I've found the perfect ones to motivate and inspire me (and I hope you do, too!). Equally important, they are role models who don't bring up any resistance in me.

Gosh, and I just looked and I haven't even answered the second question!! "How do I feel when I imagine myself walking a similar path to 'success'? This directly addresses the issue of resistance. In a lot of other cases (other role models), I might have had resistance to walking a similar path, for one reason or another. Perhaps this is just my idealized vision of this family, but at least for now, it's my ideal to strive for. I'm excited and exhilarated to imagine walking that path, to have come to this realization, and to have this new perspective.

Thanks so much, Elyse, for asking the questions!!

Carol Anne Anderson

My role model would be Jesus and my friend (sister) Pat. She sailed around the world single handedly in a sailboat and wrote a book about it. She tangos, sails and paints. she helps people get offf the gtound by her joy of life. /she gives of her time which I cherish. She seldom wrries about money and always has food, clothes and shelter. She is awesome.


I would say that I have numerous role models for living. I love the way jesus lived and the connection with source that he developed, but at the same time I do wish to live a materially successful life. I find myself drawn , like most people to the example of oprah, who does work that inspires and lifts and reaps fabulous rewards from it.Also Richard Branson, I think he is a great role model, regarding the passion and creation and abundance that he lives his life with.I also admire people with passion, desire and belief that have come from nothing and made it something, from music artists to sports stars. People with drive, ambition and passion and focus for something.I guess I have many role models but I think my story is going to be unique and exilarating


I like the idea of identifying someone who I know personally as a role model but I find that there are aspects of certain people that I like which would be great if I could put these qualities all together an shake up (lol). Anyway, i decided that my own mother has to come tops in this because of the way in which she has lived her life and set the example for me. I know that as a result of her, she will live in our family for generations to come because I am so grateful and proud to be able to pass on what she has given me. And no, she is not rich but lives like she is because she is never mean and always has or finds something to offer to someone, which comes from the heart. A wonderful, free spirited totally selfless person who I guess has now reached an age where she is confident, wise and guiltless about the sound way in which she lives. Yes, I choose my mom and like I said, I have so many friends with different certain qualities that I so admire, as to place them in the category of being a role model figure because of that particular quality. Again, there are loads of wonderful people out there, too many celebrities to mention but for me, I choose someone whose impact on me emotionally, has been the greatest - don't even get me started on some of the ancestors who did great things and paved the way for many of us in my race, but Oprah has to get my vote for the current day. I just love who she is and what she stands for and the humility in which she does what she does.
It would be an awesome priviledge to me if i could walk that same path because i'v always felt that I would be inclined to do similar things if i had the opportunity. Now writing this has made me think that maybe I need to create such opportunities myself because after all, that's how this sort of thing happens. Thanks Elyse and all of you for your inspiring thoughts too!

Flying Dutchman

My rolemodels for truly prosperous living are Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Flying Dutchman

When I imagine walking a similar path of prosperity I feel joy, happiness, excitement. I feel like that that is how my life should be.


The first person who popped into my head was Elyse. What a fantastic role model she is! Real, approachable, authentic and successful on all levels. I also have a personal mentor who embodies the qualities and experiences that I aspire.(Thank you, Celedra). When I look around me, I see many who can serve as mentors and I try to accentuate their qualities that support my successes and joy. Many of you have shared your shifts and subsequent successes and I take away the pearls from each of your stories and tuck them into my tool box to use as needed. Thank you for continuing to inspire and motivate me on this beautiful life journey!



I too, like so many have no real role models in place. I am however willing to explore the possibility. Elyse, your willingness and faithfulnes to share your insights and open up to us your knowledge, Oprah for standing where no one else wants to.....they inspire me for the action they take. As for me, I will keep up the journey...pondering and looking, searching..Day 8 for me also seems to have come to soon, but maybe not.



I think I have to pick Connee Chandler of the Abe List. Connee lives life guided by her very strong connection to source. She leads exactly the kind of life she wants to. She is an inspiration to others and always has time for anyone. She sends out delightful little emails to list members if they need a bit of encouragement or congratulations. I love Connee.

Elizabeth Grimes

My role model is Rachael Ray. She is one of the happiest people I have ever seen. Reading her biography, she has never aspired to be famous and wealthy. She just does what makes her happy. The law of attraction works in amazing ways for her, and she probably doesn't even realize it. By merely doing what she loves (cooking) she has attracted several Food Network shows, a daily talk show on Fox, more cookbooks than I can count, her own line of cookware and knives, and her own non-profit organization! That is how I want to live - be happy doing what you love, and the success will follow.


These are great questions. I had not thought about who my role models are pertaining to prosperity before. I can think of two individuals - One is Wayne Dyer - I love his approach to life and how free he feels. He recognizes that prosperity doesn't eminate from him, but through him. The other role model I have is David Herdlinger, a colleague of mine, who has the same attitude towards prosperity.

I'm having trouble with the second question right now. I see a gap between where I am and where they are and I'm not sure how big the gap is, but I want to close the gap and be where they are in relation to prosperity.


I am not sure that I know anyone well enough to model their behavior. However, there are characteristics that are observable or are publicized about others that I admire. I would internalize Oprah's generosity, Mohandus Ghandi's steadfast authenticity, Dr. Martin Luther King's compelling communication skills and Dr. Jean Houston's embodiment of mental, emotional and spiritual power. Now, I realize that in addition to these role models, I want a role model for money mastery. I am thankful that through this exercise I am attracting a role model of money mastery. I see how this process is working... THANK YOU!!!!!


I know that role models are important and I've explored this topic before, but yet, I still haven't found a role model that exemplifies all that I want to be, do, have.

I participated in another "course" on prosperity and when it came to discussing role models the activity was a little different but yet very enlightening. We were to think of people that we felt exemplified the meaning of rich, then who exemplified happy, etc. for about 5 categories. Then we were to write qualities in one long list (don't worry that you may write the same quality more than once for different people) that we liked about each one of those people (ie. always smiling, kind, passionate, etc.). Then we were to go through the list and circle the qualities that were listed more than once. These qualities then are the ones we resonate with and are the qualities that we possess inside us and should focus on strengthening. By doing so, WE become our perfect role model.

I liked this activity and it was extremely eye opening for me and has filled the gap of not feeling I had a role model.



I've read a few posts, and it's amazing how many people think of Oprah as their role model. What's more amazing is that it's the first person who came to my mind when I read today's questions:-) I find her really inspiring. She's financially free with a very big heart. She's generous, compassionate, spiritual, always trying to uplift others. She's just a fabulous lady.

I admire her alot and would like to do more than her. I feel very much inspired when I think about what she's doing for herself and for humankind.


What a thought provocing reflection. I too am unable to come up with 1 person I would like to consider as my mentor...However, since I am working on the inside of ME I would have to say there are many qualities from a variety of individuals that I would like for my own and then combine them into one...ME

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