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What is happening? Instead of getting evidence of prosperity, there has been a backlash. I had to cancel my trip b/c my husband got sick. A buyer that seemed committed backed out. Bills are piling up. It is a huge effort to get into the flow of positivity when I feel assaulted on many fronts. I am thinking this is the darkest hour before dawn. Yeah! That made me feel a little better right there. Who said this was going to be easy?... Or is it my mind complicating things? Am I the only one noticing this phenomenon or are there others with the same observation? If this is to be a valid experiment, we must report not just the findings that go along with what we wish but everything else that would seem to question it. We do want to get to the truth of the matter, no? I do realize that we are dealing with the human mind here, a very variable variable. Would anyone else care to report some enlightening solution or explanation? Thank you!
PS: I am still playing!


~ What is the central message of the quote?
That it is the Divine intention of my God and the universe that I be prosperous! And prosperity can look all kinds of different ways…from noticing the beauty of the day, to being appreciative for a roof over my head, to noticing the leaves on the trees, or simply enjoying the sound of children's laughter.

~ Do you resonate with it? Yes. I DO believe that it is intended that we ALL live a prosperous life. A life of joy, ease and fun!

~ How does it FEEL to read these words?
It feels exciting and yet peaceful at the same time. It reminds me to CHOOSE the prosperous outlook. And live with the joy of each experience I have throughout the day.

~ What shifts will you need to make to be living in alignment with this perspective?
To be more vocal about what I’m grateful for. To say out loud what feels prosperous. To recognize moments of beauty, joy, love and financial freedom in each day and to remember that prosperity can show up in many, many ways…including financially.

Kara Lennox

For Bethsy:

Yes, the backlash you mention happens quite often when you are changing your perspective and opening up. Don't worry, just ride through it. It just means things are cosmically rearranging themselves, producing a certain amount of unavoidable fallout. Just relax as much as possible and have faith, trust it will all be okay.

~ What is the central message of the quote? That prosperity and abundance are our most natural states of being. Same thing Wallace Wattles says, in different words. God wants us to be happy and fulfilled.
~ Do you resonate with it? Sort of. But it does make me wonder ... if abundance and prosperity are so natural, why are so many people unhappy? Why is it so easy for us to succumb to fear and worry and shut off this natural flow of abundance?
~ How does it FEEL to read these words? Well, because of my strict religious upbringing I have a knee-jerk reaction to the word "God." (The "God" I was raised to believe in didn't want anybody to be happy, He just wanted us to worship him and feel guilty and unworthy all our lives. How many times did I strike my breast and chant, "Lord, I am not worthy to receive you ..." Hundreds? Thousands?) So I have to consciously substitute "The Universe" which is kind of cumbersome! Academically I agree with this statement.
~ What shifts will you need to make to be living in alignment
with this perspective? I dunno. I feel like I'm already there. I am open to receive.


Whoo hoo! I guess I get to be the first entry today - that must be because it's 2pm here in the UK at the moment. Anyhow, down to business .............Hi to all.

I love this quote because it just says to me that every and anything is ours already if only we let it come on through. By letting it come on through there are some things we must do but they are that easy, that we (as humans) usually end up complicating the process and getting all difficult by responding to what appears to be reality, negatively.
A simple way i can think of to illustrate my take on this, is to imagine i'm playing a game of tennis. The ball is always coming in my direction for me to respond back with a positive/good shot but if I decide to take my eye off the ball to be preoccupied with distractions which really aren't that important, I won't be able to see when the ball comes in and may eventually let so many of those distractions build up that I even forget that the ball (of good) is still being sent in my direction.
My role? ....To keep my eye out for the ball and on the ball when it arrives, recognising every bit of good that arrives and appreciating it because the better it gets, the better it gets. Appreciate all good even the little bits that don't seem to be 'all that', because as they say, when the praise goes up, the blessings come down!
My shifts will always be in line with gratitude and appreciation because it always brings more. It's our decision folks, choose to see the glass half full or half empty, always find something to feel 'glad' about no matter how Pollyannaish that may sound. Then we open the way for all aspects of good to rush in. Clearly, me may not feel energetic and excited every single day, but our innermost, dominant thoughts are the only way to do this even if it is quietly but confidently. Every day brings something new - why not let it be something good because of what we're thinking and imagining. We hold the key! And like the quote said, if we're not busy imagining and honing our thoughts, we're picking up on any old destructive weed that's out there.

Have a great weekend all!!

Barbara Haines

"If we don't decide
to prosper, we unconsciously choose limitation and scarcity.
All the abundance in the world is available to us,
once we open ourselves to God."
Jeez...is it really that simple? Have I been over-intellectualizing this and thereby pushing it away from my grasp? Hmmmm......

Maybe the 'allowing' is that easy: make the conscious choice and then open yourself up and allow the Universe to carry out your instructions.

Why do I feel the need to have to "do" something in order to "earn" my "reward"? Is that just part of the old programming that I need to let go of?

Could life really be this simple? Wow!


For Bethsy:

It's never easy in the midst of crisis, because to start with you can't take your mind off the thing that seems to be causing the trouble but, you know what? That is precisely the time when we need to step back and have in place, something to slip into our mind which fills it up with the things we do recognise or consider to be wonderful. So i would say, at the very least, for an hour or so, find a really funny film to watch or recall a situation or even sit with a couple of photo albums which remind you of great times and just fill your mind for that period, with everything that makes you feel good. That little time will shift something and allow something else to come in. Ok, it may not be exactly what you want to happen but at least you won't be thinking negatively about what's happened and making more of it. Remember we have to reach for the highest vibration, or at least higher than the negative one that tends to dominate our thoughts when something that we consider is bad, is happening. Doing this can really turn stuff around in ways we may not know right now but ultimately will turn out for the best. You'll see!
I am blasting you with Blessings, love, appreciation and thanks. All is well!


The centralmessage is that God,our HeavenlyFather wants us to have our share of all that is His to give.However it is up to us to choose to believe and receive.I resonate with this because I have always believed in a good and merciful God.I feel that I am now on the path to receive my inheritance.


Lots of great insights on the blog this AM (and I'm grateful for them!).

The first thing that came to mind is a bit ironic...I was excited to see my check this AM, but it was yesterday's check (some sort of glitch in the matrix I guess...). My energy plummeted--because I was so excited about seeing another check this AM. Yesterday 4K was like whoo-hoo! Today I lost my gratitude and focus. So, what do I FEEL about the quote and my 'lesson'? I'm going to remember Abraham's segment intending, because like Norma said, I can become distracted by things that don't matter. My intention is to be grateful, happy, and to have a prosperous, fun experences all day today. I'll just keep intending it.

The quote resonates with me because I had an aha moment with the 10 minute audio bites about resistance earlier this week. I find it very helpful to do segment intending when I find myself in a less than helpful consciousness/emotional state. Just remembering not to do resistance (intend joy, intend gratitude, intend prosperity...) switches the energy for me. And I'm loving it!


This just FEELS true, this quotation we're "asked" to comment on. The fact that numerous others around the globe, if not the US, are exploring the same feeling-essence and seeking evidence of it in this experiment, is incredibly heartening, encouraging, and fun. This sense of choosing through allowing -- i.e., not actually doing any work, other than simply noticing what feels best and fullest and highest, and gravitating naturally towards that -- is life-changing. Quite literally, I'm feeling my energy vibrations shift. And while this all sounds touchy-feelie, I'm experiencing very practical "improvements" in this life adventure. Thank you to this community for offering a portal for expansiveness and fun into prosperity.

Tonya Chenute

The quote means BE IN ACTION to me and yes I do resonate with it:). When I read these words I feel it is TIME to kick start willingness to take responsibility for my life, all of it, my joys, pains, confusion, enlightenment, the whole nine yards, and to know when I am in breakdown that BREAKTHROUGH is just around the corner. Shifts I will need to make to be in action for prosperity in my life: HAVE FAITH! CHOOSE EVERYDAY, EXAMINE BEING COMPLETE AND WHOLE AND KNOWING/DESERVING, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP!!!! SO EVERY DAY IS A DAY FOR ME TO GROW MY DREAM ON THIS EARTH.


Well Bethsy was the top of the list when I logged on and her questions are extemely valid. How does one come into alignment when so much goes wrong in your life?
I've read that we need to find something good in everything that goes wrong for us. That may be easier said than done when life is looking so bleak. But in small steps it does work. A friend just lost her husband in a small plane crash. She is left with 4 young children and much less money coming into the house. How do I tell her to look at the positive? What I did tell her was to honor where she was at and try to find things to be thankful for during her marriage with him. She was able to come up with several things to be thankful for. The top of the list was that her oldest child was to have been with her husband but at the last minute was told to stay home. He too would have perished!
And that's what we build on.
As for me, I look around everyday and find joy in the very simplest things.(And there IS so much!) The more time I take to do that the more I begin to see,and, receive.
Blessings on all

Elizabeth Grimes

We just don't realize how much of a choice we have in our lives. Too often we assume "This is the hand God dealt me, so I just have to deal with it." What everyone needs to realize is that we choose our reality, whether it is of lack or of prosperity. God (the Universe, whatever) intends for us to be happy, and we can have, be or do anything we want that will make us happy.


Thr vrnytsl message for this quote, again, is being the chooser. A chooser is someone who chooses prosperity no matter what, even though the whole world laughs at her. WIthout that kind of determination, I cannot be the chooser I intend to be. The shift I need to make is to absolutely decide to be the chooser, no matter what. The only answer I give to my world is going to be "I choose prosperity" period. Even though my reality may demonstrate the opposite to my decision....I choose to be firm in my decision, and never ever let anything distract me from making the constant decision!


The central message of the quote is that God is joy, peace, prosperity and abundance and since we are made in HIS image, we are also meant to have joy, peace and abundance in our lives. Our negative minds always think on the negative but we must focus on our Higher Self and allow prosperity to flow through. So every moment when my thoughts or words bring out the negative, I quickly change them and GRATEFUL for everything I have such as good health, food, clothing, shelter, education, peaceful country and countless other blessings.

Kate Bacon

Thank you for this inspiring quote. My answers:

That prosperity and abundance are there if we so choose...it's up to us.

It feels enpowering to read these words.

The shift I'm going to make is to focus on others...I honestly believe that opens us up to even more abundance. After all from abundance can we not give so much more than from scarcity?


I believe the central theme about this quote is that it is all up to me. What I think influences how I feel and how I feel effects what I do. This resonates very deeply with me. It used to feel frustrating but now it feels exhilirating. I believe it is because I am more aware of what I am thinking and feeling and then taking some action to improve that if I am not satisfied with how I am feeling. The more I notice, the more quickly I am moving myself to a better place and the universe is responding in many subtle and obvious ways. As this happens I acknowledge and appreciate each manifestation.


~what is the central message of the quote?

that prosperity is being in the vibe with creation, which is what God is all about! He wants sooo much more for us than we can even fathom, and all we need to do is say "yes" and just roll with it!

i'm saying YES!!! loudly, clearly, and with the knowing that i am worthy of everything God wants for me.


I don't resonate with this message and I really don't know what it means to open myself to God?

So it makes me feel uncertain and unknowing.

Having said that, I believe I am living my life in alignment with a higher purpose. That could be how I am living open to God.

John H

I'm beginning to resonate with this so much more. I think the universe (sorry don't do God)really is somehow there for me and wants my real potential to unfold. Beginning to feel I really do deserve the best and that I need to say yes to that rather than agreeing to put up with so much less.

Linda B

It is all right there for us to grab on to. I've always worked hard about my thinking and feeling but missed out on the faith part - and wondered why I was stuck! I GET IT NOW! The key is for me to know in my heart and believe God wants me to achieve RVP with Arbonne and help others in order to make it. God also wants me to be successful with my children and teen books and it feels wonderful to be on the right track. Thanks so much for this experiment!


The central message of the quote to me as it resonates is The Law of Attraction is obedient and if one makes the choice of prosperity then one gets it. So We need to focus on it.
I totally resonate with it and I totally believe my intention of growth or playing this prosperity game is in line with opening to the nunbounded potentiality.
I feel great and abundant already
There is no shift jsut awareness fro me to be in alignment


The central message of the quote is once again the message that we have to make a decision FOR prosperity, not just slog along on the rutted path feeling powerless. I like the reference to unconsciously choosing limitation and scarcity because we haven't accepted our powerful Selfs. This speaks most clearly to me, because that is what I seem to do most: feel and act small instead of powerful.

My Thanks all of you who blog. It is energizing and inspiring to 'hear' your heartfelt contributions!

Wendy Garrido

When I think of God, I think of first, The Universe, second, the "God" from Conversations with God who is humorous, loving, and non-judgmental, and thirdly, I think of me. That Universe, or God, that I think of, I believe, is comprised of all of us. Everything on this planet is God, so I am God too. I believe that we are here to reconnect to our divine self and it's that divine self that knows no limitation, knows no scarcity, and lives in prosperity. It's that divine self that we must let shine in order to experience all that we truly want and deserve. (ah, a big word. It's only lately that I've realized, Heck yeah! I DO deserve it. If not me, then who??)

This quote focuses on rewarding relationships and fulfilling careers, which are two things I am in resonance with enough to have already manifested in my life. (Although, on second thought, I suppose it also means a financially fulfilling career, which mine is becoming as a result of this month of fun!)

I find this quote reassuring because I am someone who has made a decision for prosperity, has taken the steps that other people might never consider and call risky. I find myself worrying sometimes but this reminds me that the mere fact that I made the choice to take that step, to put myself out there an announce the the Universe that I am taking the leap and "falling into its net" is the very reason that that net will be there, and if not a net, then perhaps in that moment of free fall is when I will discover my wings and learn to fly.

The fact that we must "decide" to prosper is, to me, what's really essential in this quote. I have decided to follow the path of my passion a while ago, but it's only recently that I have made the decision to financially prosper. It reminds me that all the things I have, I have because I chose to have them. The things that I don't yet have, I don't have because I haven't yet chosen to. Gosh, what an exciting reminder!

We're so entrenched in our "worldly" beliefs that we forget that that world is merely an image we have projected. The other day I was pondering what the physical explanation is for how the law of attraction works. I was thinking of me as this little itty bitty person on this island on this larger landmass of North America on this sparkling gem of a planet and thinking gosh, how in the heck does the Universe correspond to the nature of all our demands? How does it do it? Where are all the little men and women taking notes, pushing things about, and making the deliveries? (Well, thank you little men and women for all you do.)

Then I realized that the simplest explanation, and one that resonates with me the most, is that my universe is a projection of myself, as is yours, his, hers, and theirs. Thus, the second that I make a change within myself, the universe can do none other than to make the corresponding change in my reality.

I see this relating to the quote because to "open ourselves to God" is, to me, to begin to reconnect to our divine selves, which manifest "all the abundance in the world."

I just love having these long trains of thought and posting them to the Universe. Somehow knowing that other people might be reading it makes it all seem even more real and tangible, and pushes me to to continue to focus on feeling good and staying connected.


Please excuse the double post, but I didn't see Debbie's post today until after I closed out ..

For Debbie: I believe that the reference to opening ourselves to God is saying that we open ourselves to being the divine beings that we are, Sons and Daughters of The One.
Also, that we open ourselves to receive God's intended bounty. Believe it or not, most people have real difficulty in accepting the good.
I believe that there is only one creator, and that the One Creator is All, as All. I hope this contribution helps.


Cocreation has been very empowering to me for years. It's a stumbling block to many who have been brought up in the "God up there and me down here" frame. Cocreation carries some measure of responsibility with it.

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