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Experiments like this one with the hangars (what an ingenious and practical invention!) are reminders that humans are as much energy as matter -- some even more! The trick is to constantly be aware of the quality of the energy field around you and to take measures to change the direction when it's hemming you in and bogging you down -- i.e., turning the hangars inward. Thanks for this experiment!



I made the wands, they didn't move to much for me. But I get the main idea. Maybe I'm doing them wrong,or am not clear/strong enough in my mental projections, please post if anyone has had success. Thankx

Tonya Chenute

ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. Got it. So I often wonder what happened to my energy and now I know I can monitor the supply of energy by monitoring my thought. And to be the chooser, take responsiblity, for my life it becomes apparent that taking notice of my own energy field AND the energies moving around me is part of taking care of me. This is new to me since all my life I sort of winged it :). It is now comforting to KNOW I CAN be responsible with energy fields. I like it! And it is only good common sense that thoughts of UNCONDITIONAL love and caring will radiate out in ever larger circles by bringing us into alignment with the purpose of all Source. So becoming AWARE and RESPONSIBLE are joined together in this experiment.


I did this exercise at a retreat Lynn gave twenty years ago. I was impressed then at the sensitivity it showed and remain so today. I had to hold the wires loosely for it to work, and to calm the doubts running through my head.

Elizabeth Grimes

I didn't make the wands because I didn't quite understand from the instructions how to make them. I may be somewhat of a dunce when it comes to this sort of thing, because others who posted didn't seem to have a problem. Anyway, I understand the idea, and comments from the others here helped me understand more. It is amazing how our positive/negative energy affects things (the hangers) around us. It is a great illustration of how our thoughts create our reality. I will be more conscious of how I am feeling, so I can maintain positive emotions.


If I were a cat the hair would be standing straight up on my back after that experiment. Instant movement. I read Grabhorn's book several years ago and later read two of the Hick's books. I remembered her comment about a family in Texas, but never but the two together. Then I saw the Secret and after I saw it learned the Hicks were a significant to the writer of that movie. Pieces keep falling in place. And this does bring it to a reality I can see with my eyes.


I didn't quite do the experiment as described because I've worked with a pendulum for many years. So I got out my pendulum and asked the same questions. I didn't have any doubts about whether it would work or not. Of course it did.

It was a good affirmation for me to see how it swung with each feeling that I brought up in response to the questions.

To Elizabeth, if you're unsure what they should look like do a google search for Dowsing Rods. You will be looking for Rensonators or L-Rods, http://www.adermark.com/pendulums/Dowsing_Rods/dowsing_rods.html Check out this site for a picture and you'll get the idea for the hanger L-Rod.

I would encourage anyone who doesn't regularly work with energy to do this experiment. It makes what can seem a very nebulous idea more real.

Linda B

I can hardly wait to get the materials needed! Any time that I can "see it" it helps me incorporate the belief into my being. I'm still a baby when it comes to all of this and I'm looking forward to the continued growth and opening to it because I am here and I am ready!


I got out my dowsing rods. While I have used them before, I have not used them in exactly this way. Of course I got the expected response, which in turn re-enforces the idea that thoughts are things and can be measured and used in a productive manner.

A pendulum can be used for the same information, and your pendant necklace can be used as a pendulum. You can find lots of materials around the house to create a pendulum and try this stuff out. It's lots of fun to play with.


I got out my dowsing rods. While I have used them before, I have not used them in exactly this way. Of course I got the expected response, which in turn re-enforces the idea that thoughts are things and can be measured and used in a productive manner.

A pendulum can be used for the same information, and your pendant necklace can be used as a pendulum. You can find lots of materials around the house to create a pendulum and try this stuff out. It's lots of fun to play with.


A pretty cool experiment. At first I was holding the wands too close to my body. They were staying close together and swinging all the way around and touching my shoulder. When I re-read the instructions and held them further away, they spread apart and came close to touching both shoulders. It is funny, I could not get up much "feeling" behind a negative memory. The wands did point more straight ahead but were about 6-8" apart. I took this as a sign that I have released most if not all of my anger toward the past. Hallelujah!


That I am in control of my own thoughts, reactions and energy. I did not have the supplies- but I am going to get them and do this expiriment.


i did the experiment.When I thought about a negative situation the wirers crossed at my chest.During apositive thought the right hand moved first.When I thought about being conectedto the universe the wires spreaded wide apart.Icertainly hope this is the sign that I will become a true manifester.


I too used a crystal pendulum to carry out this experiment. It was interesting to see how my negative thought only made the pendulum swing slightly back and forth, but when i thought of a positive feeling of love the pendulum swung in ever increasing circles. I also got this reaction when I focused on my inner being. It is quite an inspiring experiment which only reinforces the fact that we are all energy!! Fantastic!!!!!


Hello All,
It really does work for me. The most interesting result that has come up is that something I thought was a significant negative in my life turns out to be a positive. Wow!! That means I have been allowing myself to continue to respond negatively when it is all positive. Clearly, the "work" I have been doing in this area has been remarkably successful and now I can move on from that. This is a revelation as well as relief.
Best wishes to all from Stuart.

Dana Batho

Hi, I also found a website for kids that has a really good picture of how to make the energy rods with straws and a coat hanger. It's at http://www.reikikids.ca/kids_stuff.htm . Pretty interesting little article too.

Once I figured out how to make the rods, it was a really interesting experiment! They behaved exactly like they were supposed to, and when I visualized on the Source, they just flew apart! Very cool! I also asked a question about prosperity, and they flew apart again, so I guess that means I'm on the right track!


WOW! Took me longer to find wire cutters than to do this experiment.

I thought about it for several hours, painted in my studio and turned off my ipod and jumped in!

#1 It DID take a few minutes to settle down. Then I thought about the fire and my loss of my daughter Sarah, xmas am 2001. The hangers crossed in the middle almost immediately.

#2 Thought about our favorite artist's retreat in Fontaine-Fourches, France and they pointed outward.

#3 Looked left, they went left. Looked right, they went right!

#4 Ffocused on my being the "I AM" and they touched my shoulders!

The straw keeps you from having ANY control whatsoever on the direction.


Kara Lennox

I already have these dowsing rods, so I got them out and did the experiment. Although it seemed to take forever, it did work.

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but you do actually have quite a bit of control over how the rods move even with the straws as insulators. If you tilt your hands even a tiny fraction of an inch one way or another, the rods will swing. So if you WANT them to swing in, for example, you might unconsciously make them move that way.

I always thought the idea behind these rods was that they translated your minute, unconscious movements into something easily visible. I always believed that the dowser is the tuning fork, that the rods don't actually measure anything.

So, hate to be a wet blanket, but I'm not sure this is proof of anything. I would have rather done the experiment not knowing which way they were "expected" to swing--that might be a more objective test. If anyone would care to test on a friend or relative who doesn't know what to expect, I would love to hear the results! I do totally believe our energy fields are real and measurable.


I tried this experiment a few years ago. I'd hold the wands and think about my dog Booboo, who is arguably the most joyful creature alive on the planet. The wands would swing outward immediately. The problem is that I'm a doubting Thomas. I thought I might be involutarily tilting my hands just enough to make the wands behave as expected, but not enough for me to notice. Any suggestions?


Hello All Again.
Following my last post I have been doing some more experiments and I have found that when watching tv my energy is down. The Oprah Show was on our local station, discussing happiness among all things. Even though I was inspired by the information as they were discussing LOA in these terms, my energy indicated by the dowsing rods was definitely down and/or withdrawn. If watching tv could be shown to create "global" withdrawal of energy, it could explain the large increase in depression related problems within our societies. Some food for thought.
Best wishes from Stuart


A response to David.
Doubt is simply a thought and, by definition, can be changed. I find that answering back to a thought like that is the best way to handle it. Doubt is also a deep dark thought when you feel it. Therefore make any responses to it light and cheerful. "There is that old doubty thought again - ha, ha. I have decided to think differently about it now."
Have fun, Stuart


I did the hanger experiment. I found that the tips crossed with negative thought. At one point, they hugged me with loving thoughts. They could not have gone any farther outward because they were literally touching my upper arms. I also found it very hard to conjure up negative thoughts tonight, for which I was very grateful!

Bob H

This experiment lends itself to letting doubting Thomases doubt and allowing Lawrences allow. It's a spooky, goosebumpy feeling when you are allowing and the wands start moving about, and you start believing, but not expecting to believe, so you start to doubt and then suddenly the wands stop! Mr. Thomas, not wanting to let anybody see him acting so foolish looks around and quickly says "I knew it was fake!" Mr. Thomas has just turned his transmitter off.

Hmmm. Could it be RESISTANCE overcoming the allowing? The wands start moving about wildly, you start thinking that you're making them move, and Voila!! They stop moving!

Could it be that when we want so much to allow prosperity into our lives, but we don't truly trust in the reality of Law of Attraction, that we interfere with the purity of the delicate energy fields that we are transmitting, and in fact are jamming the signals of our own desires? What happens to a radio signal on an old-time dial radio when we twist the tuning dial just ever so much off the frequency center of the station we are listening to? Squelch happens. Radios tune by adjusting the resonant frequency of the receiver. Radio transmitters must keep the frequency steady that they are transmitting on in order for the intended receiver to be able to receive. When resonance occurs between the transmitter and the receiver, the desired frequency is amplified on the receiving end. Can our thoughts, our feelings, our emotions be similar in this way, actually coupled in a physical way to the universe?


This activity gave me goosebumps. I was amazed by the way the wire just swayed and moved on its own. I even purposely held my hand as still as possible when I saw or felt the wire move to prove to myself that it was something other than me that was wiggling the wire. When I tried to think of something negative, I had a really hard time. Finally I laughed to myself, "I guess I'm just a naturally positive person," and the wires swung open as far as they could go, touching my shoulders and sending goosebumps down my body. It really said to me that I am not alone here and I am on the right track. Thank you for this experience!


Hello everyone,

I have used a pendulum for many years and have seen dowsing rods in action. These are new questions to ask to get the visible results for this exercise.

With the pendulum, I have often been accused of making it swing, as there can be seen very small muscular movements in my arm. My reply is that the energy is using my energy to answer the question being asked. I am in no way making the pendulum swing.

It is wonderful when dowsing to find a flower remedy or which essential oil to use for a client. There is no way you can consciously know what is needed, though you may have an idea. It is always a suprise, especially to the client, when the remedy chosen by the pendulum is so accurate to their needs of the moment.

Blessing sto all,


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