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Tonya Chenute

My unique, personal definition of prosperity enlarged to include now and the future I am creating: I AM BLESSED! a POWERFUL, FREE, SAFE, CLEAN, STRONG, PURE, HAPPY, ABUNDANT, LOVING WINNER who is capable of creating my dreams in/for this world and having others pay me for the wonderful services these dreams provide.

Tonya Chenute

Just realized I want to bring my statement above fully into the present moment: CREATING MY DREAMS IN/FOR THIS WORLD AND OTHERS PAY ME FOR THE WONDERFUL SERVICES THESE DREAMS PROVIDE. I ahve begun to do this and I am no longer a spectator :). The journey has begun!

Elizabeth Grimes

Today's lesson has made me realize that I need to shift my thinking. I am too focused on what I don't have yet. I need to be more focused on the wonderful things I have today. I give myself "permission to be who I truly want to be under any and all conditions. I celebrate the present while being hopeful about the future, and I am focused on an abundance of resources, fullfilling work, and relationships that nurture and inspire".

Dana Batho

After rereading my definition of prosperity, and comparing it to Elyse's notes, I think mine's actually pretty good! It's balanced in all areas, and takes into account the things I'm doing and feeling now. The only thing I would add is to make it a little easier to feel prosperous now, instead of sometime in the very near future. I guess I just have to appreciate all the prosperity I have now, as well as looking forward to getting more.

Speaking of prosperity, I'm having some issues with the prosperity game. I added a post to the prosperity game forum, but after I did that I realized that a lot of the replies actually were done quite a while after the person posted their question. So, I'm going to rewrite my questions below, and if anyone can give me any feedback, I would really appreciate it. Cheers!

Hi all, I would love some feedback about some issues I'm having with the game recently. I think either my personality doesn't suit the format of the game, or I'm not in the right mindset to play. First of all, I believe that the universe will answer my highest desires in a myriad of different ways. For example, I recently won some tickets to go see a Dali exhibition in my city, and I had really wanted to see that exhibition. I have also won a car in the past, found things on sale that I had been looking for for years, been contacted by friends that I hadn't heard from in a while but had been thinking about, etc. So, by playing the prosperity game online, where I "only" receive cheques, and on a regular scheduled daily basis, it seems unnnatural to me. Plus, even though I know the cheques could be coming from anywhere, I'm in Japan at the moment, where cheques aren't used at all.

Also, the requirement that you have to spend all the money every day hangs me up too. Although there are many things I would like to buy, a lot of the things on my 100 list are experiences, or inner changes I would like to make (becoming more patient, etc). So, not only can everything I want not be bought in cash, I actually don't really like shopping that much! Especially in Japan, it is a very irritating experience, everywhere is so crowded, and the sales staff are always "greeting" the customers in a very loud nasally piercing voice. Not exactly relaxing, and it certainly doesn't make me feel prosperous! For me, when I do have extra money, it's more natural for me to save it, then spend it when the occasion or the inspiration arises. When I go looking for nice things to buy, I often don't find what I want. Usually I find things I love by chance, having gone into the wrong shop, or being with a friend who introduces me to a different type of shop that I would normally not go into. Having to find things to spend the money on every day seems like work to me, which I know is the opposite of the point of the game.

I am enjoying watching the universe deliver things to me on a daily basis, but the prosperity game actually seems to be holding me back a bit. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


My personal unique definition of prosperity or having a prosperous life is: To feel joy on the journey of creating the things I want to do, be, or have knowing I have no limits. Prosperity is knowing who you are and why you signed up to be here in your physical body. I am prosperity. I am abundance. I am wealth.


I feel very empowered by my definition of prosperity. I feel it's wholistic, centered and strong. Most importantly - I believe it through and through. It is open enough to include quality of life in all aspects. I view prosperity as a living breathing thing that is here today and has growth potential for the future. It requires nurturing and attention in order for it to flourish. I think my definition takes all of that into account.

Dana -- I don't see why anyone has to be a slave to the specific game. Perhaps you could make up your own version. Write your 100 things out on little pieces of paper and put them into a fish bowl. Draw one out at random each morning and focus on the surprise and delight you feel at receiving the experience or quality you've drawn as if it were already so. Imagine what your life would be like if this was already integrated in your life. What would be the same? What would be different? Then chart your desire/resistance. If you have low desire, meditate until it increases or you find out why you're not really a match for that idea. If you have high resistance, again, meditate until you release your blocks or you find out why you're not a match. Finally, be sure to write a thank you note to the Universe for granting you your wish.

I think the point of the game is not money for money's sake but rather a tool to enable you to be, do or have whatever it is in your life that you'd like. Because the truth is, you deserve the best but how can you get what you want if you don't know what it is? Be focused and realistic. "Be more patient" feels like one of those qualities you never cross the finish line on -- make sure you have ways to acknowledge that you have grown more patient and that you wish to further cultivate your patience. One way to do that might be to find joy in shopping the crowded Japanese markets and appreciate the unique experience of someone greeting you with a comic nasal voice. Instead of feeling jostled by humanity, maybe you could feel connected to everyone on the planet energetically and the people in the market are your first dominos in that chain of energy. Find a way to make the experience a good one.

Kara Lennox

My revised definition of prosperity isn't much different from the original--just a few tweaks.

1. To feel easy at all times about money, to feel the confidence that, whatever amount I desire, it's available, or the things or feelings I desire will be provided.

2. To have a healthy and active physical body, to feel good in my own skin, to have healthy and delicious foods available.

3. To be in beautiful surroundings, living in a beautiful, organized and clean home that feeds my spirit. But also to have the freedom to travel to beautiful and interesting places.

4. Freedom to pursue the work I love, feeling completely at east about the income it's producing.

5. To be surrounded by loving friends and family, to share what I have with others, but also to have times of contented solitude.

That's about it!

Dana, I have some of the same issues you do with the Prosperity Game. I don't like shopping and I tend to throw money in the bank until I find something I really want to buy.

One thing that helped me was to approach it more as a game and to just spend it willy-nilly. I also don't play every single day. I take days off if I don't feel like spending money. Like the other day I saw a Vespa scooter when I was out walking and I thought, "Cool, I'll buy his and her scooters when I get home."

I also don't worry about how the purchase actually happens. I figure my personal assistant will handle locating the item and buying it for me!


Wow, today's info was great, really put things into perspective in terms of what prosperity is! I think i need to adjust - again! I'm ready!


I'm so glad this was the focus of today's post, I really needed to re-examine what I'm searching for. I think my definition of prosperity is pretty good. But, it's so hard to have quantifiable proof that I'm relaxed about money, that I have the ability to continually focus on creativity, art, travel, friends. Actual money in my hands is easy quantifiable proof that I'm moving in the direction I want. And, since I haven't been getting cash in my hands these past two weeks, I've been starting to feel discouraged. Thank you for reminding me to re-focus on the bigger picture, that it's not just about the money, but the way I want to live my life and the way I want to feel each day.


This was a great post - I have certainly changed my definition after this past week. I am getting clearer!

Prosperity means being open to my inner voice and allowing this connection to guide me in attracting all that I want and deserve to live my life to it’s fullest. To be who I truly want to be in any and all conditions. Feeling connected, joyous, empowered, loving, abundant and authentic. Growing, flourishing and sharing with others creatively and openly. Enjoying relationships that nurture and inspire me. Cherishing a daily life full of adventure, learning, creativity and nurturing. Loving the easy balance I feel between my fulfilling career, my personal time and my time spent with loved ones.


I enjoyed this, just reading the definition given, really energized me. I wrote it on my erase board in my office so that I can look at it when I am working.


I enjoy not worrying. I know that worrying never accomplished anything before, but I was never able to let go of it. I've stopped worrying about finances because concentrating on my debt will attract more debt. Now, I have stopped worrying about my weight. I sent myself an e-mail congratulating myself on reaching my target goal weight. I've convinced myself that I am at my target weight so well that I even look thinner to myself when I look in the mirror. So, now it is nice not to worry about that. Funny, how I'm not hungry now that I'm not thinking about how I shouldn't eat! My worrying was attracting what I was worrying about. It took me to age 50 to figure that out. I feel so nice and calm now.


I would encourage you to press on with the game. The first time I tried the game was 1 year ago. I think I only made it 8 or 9 days.

This time I am finding the game fun. It is neat to think of things I would like to do, have or be. I like spending my checks. I am inspired each day by little things, my muscles were aching, I bought a hot tub and expanded my deck. I was cleaning and was inspired to hire a maid service. I love listening to piano music, I purchased piano lessons to myself.

I hope this will be helpful.


This is fantastic. I've just walked through the door from work and opened my mail. I've just won £50 on my Premium Bonds!! How wonderful a feeling this is because money has come to me and I didn't have to "do" anything. I'm having so much fun playing this game and long may the fun continue for all of us!


I was somewhat close to the definition and Webster's definition rocks! I have been feeling less than prosperous today, I have some old nagging thinking I have had trouble releasing. I need to shift focus to what I have, am, be now... This is what this reminded me of today. I included in my original post money, love (including self love), career (specifically) and realize that creates joy for others, we are mirrors and if I am prosperous I can help others reach that goal as well. This was great to revisit.

Thank you all again!



This experiment is very, very thought-provoking. I'm struggling. I have a lot of re-thinking to do. And, I'm having to take a good, hard look at who I think God is. Apparently, I have no faith in unconditional love and not much hope for joy. That seems sort of a 'stuck' place to be, doesn't it? But, it isn't stuck at all! I keep getting the notes each day supporting my journey and providing that unconditional love that feels really good. And, there's no blame or judgment if I fall a day behind. I think by the end of the month of basking in this energy, I should be able to have some really clear new definitions. Thank you for the experiment -- it's definitely got my attention!


I am actually seeing some out of the blue sales coming to me. The more I recognize my feelings and deal with them right away, the sooner I can either get back to feeling good or appreciate feeling good. I was inspired by another's comments yesterday who had just survived a hard year, and just figured out that they were grateful that they were in fact making it and that they did in fact survive. Sometimes I have to remember not to beat myself up or whatever for not being further along, I too have to remember that I am in fact making it in my own business and more good sales are always on the way.

Greg Roles

Really great insights Elyse, a great summary overall.

I FEEL that I have had too many rules, and ideas about prosperity. I always seem to be able to create prosperity in other areas of my life, but have always struggled with money. On a lot of reflection, i've had the notion that it is wrong to have "too much" money, and it was somehow out of reach to me.

I agree that money doesn't make you happy, in my current job I get to visit a lot of very, very wealthy people, and I've quickly realised they have the same problems as the rest of us, health, relationships, why am I here, all that sort of thing. Just last week i spent an arvo with a guy who had a boat moored out the front of his amazing waterfront property, and that boat had 7 bathrooms. He owns an entire marina and boat factory as just one of his businesses. He was overweight, obviously slept in a different room to his wife, and was one grumpy old coot. He had a permanent frown on his face. I drove away thinking " there's one guy with ludicrous amounts of money, but no prosperity." He wasn't thriving at all.

My new rule is "money comes easily and frequently" from the Secret. I am also living in the now, and am simply feeling the joy and abundance that I am now getting my entire life on track. I have to HIGHY recommend playing the prosperity game here as well. My greedy little ego came up with 100 things on the wishlist pretty easily, and that was an ah-ha moment. My greed is strong.

Then an amazing thing happened.

I'm only on day 13 of the game and my daily income to spend in the game is geting into the $10 000 range.

I'm having trouble actually spending it!

I'm realising my GREED is the problem, and after buying a heap of "goodies" up till about day 10, the greed started to wear off, and I started to think, do I really need that, why can't I save some, what greater good beyond myself can I use this money for, amazing shifts.

I'm about to go spend my check, and to be perfectly honest, I LOVE getting the check, and feel the tingle inside staring at it for a while, but despite having a very long wish list, my "need" for these "things" is decreasing.

Wow, to overcome greed, whilst increasing my income....THAT is wealth!


I have had the "energy rods" (the ones we could also make) in the top drawer of my dresser for... years! :-) When I read the experiment, I suddenly knew why I had kept them.

I now have total proof that
"where attention goes, energy flows" as I saw/felt it happen as I completed each part of the email.

And when I placed my
attention/intention on
my Higher Self, Inner Being, and sense of the
Divine, I felt like I have
when I have a peak moment,
a peak experience. I felt
connected to myself and to
the world, and empowered.

I am going to do this same
experiment with a buddy who
is going through a hard
divorce. It will give him
such a boost!



Prosperity experiment

Prosperity is…

Feeling GREAT!!! Knowing that everything’s taken care of….that we feel completely confident about the future and can make big, expansive, exciting plans because we know that we have what’s necessary to carry them out. Knowing that we can travel, have fun, revel in life and choose whatever we want from the smorgasboard of life, because we have abundance – abundance of love, abundance of opportunity, abundance of money, abundance of ways to help others easily! Knowing that we have the time and money to take care of our health, our education, our spiritual and intellectual and physical needs and desires.


Hello All,
I have printed this one todya and have it on my desk to re-read every hour. This material is so good! There are 2 quotes that have really rung true for me: ".... so I can enjoy my life to the fullest," is a real gem and one that I have incorporated into all my existing manifesting statements. The other one: "..allow myself to be who I want to be under all conditions." Another little gem that really does allow me to be open to all circumstances and still be me! Love it.
Best wishes to all from Stuart


Follow-up to Greg.
Great post Greg and so true. In my past very successful business life I found the same situation - lots of money but no prosperity. Then came the crash; no money; and now I have completely changed my focus (or in the process of) to achieving fabulous prosperity this time.
Best wishes, Stuart

Dana Batho

Yeah, I liked your post too Greg, that could be part of the reason why I'm stuck in the prosperity game online, I've bought most of the toys I want, and now it's like, what do I do with the money now? I like the idea of using a fishbowl (thank you Laura!), that sounds fun to me. And also thank you to Kara and Launa for the good ideas about just spending the money on whatever pops up into your life, and not going out hunting for things you want to buy. That suits my personality much more than spending ages leafing through catalogues or browsing shops. Thank you all so much for your wonderful feedback, you have revitalized me and made me look forward to playing the game again!!!

Oh, and I looked up the definition of prosper in the online etymology dictionary, and here's what was written:

c.1460, from O.Fr. prosperer (14c.), from L. prosperare "cause to succeed, render happy," from prosperus "favorable, fortunate, prosperous," perhaps lit. "agreeable to one's wishes," from Old L. pro spere "according to expectation," from pro "for" + abl. of spes "hope," from PIE base *spei- "to flourish, succeed." Prosperous is first recorded 1445, originally "tending to bring success;" in the sense of "flourishing" it is first recorded 1472.

It's kind of cool seeing the original meanings, isn't it!

Thanks again for everyone's feedback, I really do appreciate the support!


I still like my original definition:

For me prosperity means the ability to live my life independently. Prosperity means having plenty of time to play and explore my world. Prosperity means earning a good living as a freelance writer or doing anything else that I love to do. Prosperity means living where I want to live in beautiful surroundings. Prosperity means that we can continue to home-school our children. Prosperity means that I can gift freely to friends and family.

The fabulous thing is - I can already do all those things - or be joyfully working my way towards them. Feelings make you prosperous, not money.

Halfway through already and last night I discovered an unexpected bank refund of £712, and £50 cashback in my partner's account. He was given £60 cash by his employers yesterday. We have had cheques, refunds, gifts, paid work/fun for me - lots of things have been happening for us. Life is good! I shall be sad when the game ends.


I found your comments today very interesting and appropriate in so many ways. I am definitely much better about my prosperous thinking habits, but occasionally still find myself wanting things I feel I "can't" have yet. However, even my husband is improving in that area in a big way and it's only due to osmosis cause he's not playing prosperity games! :-)

When I write down what I think of as prosperity, quite often money is towards the end of my list. I realize there is so much more to prosperity than money - like you say, it has to come from the inside-out. I liked your statement about completing a desire of wanting money with "so I can enjoy my life to the fullest." That really resonates with me.

Take today for example. It was a very prosperous day and had little to do with money. I have a friend who owns a business with her husband who is very ill right now. So she is needed at home. She called me to fill in for the afternoon as her regular replacement had a prior commitment. By helping my friend, I gained more self-confidence, found a much easier way to create a fused glass picture frame, read a magazine with an article that brought me more new ideas for my glass art, and I saved 50% on the supplies I bought for the picture frames. She knew her store was in good hands and could stay home where she was needed. It was a definite win-win situation for everyone.

I feel very prosperous today. Thank you.

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