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What I do is change my expectations for the day. Things happen and will continue to happen and I believe all we can do is honor what is happening and flow with it. Not always easy though depending on the situation. My biggest concern is how do I get my husband to start thinking in abundance and prosperity? For example, we both decided I could take the summer off.I really needed a break and am so estatic that I am doing it! We'll get by fine with no problem. My mom just got hearing aids that she can't afford to pay on her own. My brother and I will do payments until they are paid. My husband is a little upset because I won't have a paycheck coming in for a while. He says I need to budget my spending etc. I don't have a need to go out and spend recklessly, but I know we have enough to do this. I just sold one of my framed photograhs for $70.00 and will be having a yardsale to finally get rid of things that have been piling up. I plan on displaying my photos to see what interest I can get. How can I help him understand that how he thinks about finances is important to how they will be?


After posting I realized that I may not have clearly answered the question.
To be more specific, if it is my thoughts of not having enough or worry about finances I go back and read a few quotes from Abraham-Hicks to get my thoughts clear again. I also look back on how things just kept working out in the past. That makes me smile and realize that it will work out again. I look around at all I do have and feel joy and know that more is coming. As for my husband, after re-reading my first comments I realized I have to use the same methods on him. Gosh, it's so simple when you let it be!

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