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Thank you, Laura, for taking the time and trouble to answer my question. Although I have tried 'scripting', I haven't used segment intending for specific circumstances. I think you hit the nail when you said "useful in preempting any reactionary emotions"... of course, they are MY reactions; not my families - it's MY vibration that needs cleaning; not theirs. Ah ha! And your mantra is pretty awesome. Thanks again.

Ruth Greenwood

One thing that seems to help me (and make me feel like a brilliant spin doctor) is to say to myself:

"How wonderful it is that my family members feel so loved and comfortable with me that they feel safe to share all of their feelings with me."

And when I didn't want to be so upset after my son's physical problems, it took me a while but I found strength and joy in thinking, "Thank you for giving me family members I love so deeply and care so much about" (and soon after, he began getting stronger, and we grew even closer together as we'd go through his exercises).

I don't think we're meant not to be affected by our family members...but it's powerful to view the love in it. Thanks for this helpful answer!!!


I have fond it useful to allow the outer world become a mirror for my own inner circumstance and release from that point.

The Sedona Method and the Cleanup Procedur has helped me release one layer at time. The Cleanup Procedur is Composed of three groups of questions, Each focusing on a separate want: first control, then approval, and finally security/survival. Follow These basic steps and guidlines as you work.

This steps in combination with listen on positive affirmation on CD has given me tremendous result that has gained my entirely family and our relationship has deeply improved. http://tinyurl.com/y534ng

I found it very important of letting go of the old emotions and to fill in with new healthy energy. So the above is my recipe that has worked and work for me and my family.



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