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Please do use Emotional Freedom Techniques and TAT, as they really do help. Aditionally, look into the mirrior each day and say, 'I love you and i know that you deserve the best in all walks of life'.

Accentuate everything that makes you happy. Appreciate everything that you do have.... good health, friends, a pet, the place where you live .... your focus will shift and what you begin attracting will shift to more of what you do want and away from what you don't. You might also like to check out and read the book, 'Ask & It is Given by Jerry & Esther Hicks'.. this book specifically shows numerous ways over of shifting what you attract.... based on how FEEL. It's beautiful.

Remember that you are beautiful , intelligent, and a unique gift to the world you live in.

GOD bless You.

Rev. Angelica

Good question ...
Using the Power of your Intention you have already started the process of stopping the flow of negative thinking. However, when I hear myself asking the same questions I have asked over and over, I realize it is time to re-commit to my Intention.
I also suggest use the Power of NO! When the thoughts start running, I tell them "NO! I will not think these things." This moves me from victimhood to a sense of powerfullness. And then I focus on something else -- like what I am grateful for!
Thank God I know I am in control of my mind!!

heather hudson

when the "stories", neg thoughts come up, focus on what you like about yourself and your life, people within your life...couple this with visualization, breathe work and keep seeing the list you have written out of what you like about yourself, your life and people within your life.
hope this helps...

Kate Bacon

I recently attended Max Wellspring's tele-class and learned the tapas technique. It is awesome...I ended the call feeling cradled in the Universe's "hammock"!

Kate x

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