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Thanks for this. I have also had an undercurrent of irritation that the game rquired me to spend the money on fun things when what I wanted most was to pay off my debt first. I will now do that and then the bliss will be there in abundance!


I have a very unusual approach to money: I love it, but i hate having to account for it. Anything that even remotely smacks of accounting for it is repugnant. I get a fearful feeling in my gut as I consider going online to check my account and balance, or when I see the Bank of America billing in the mail. I know this is keeping me stuck in debt - because instead of retiring my debt it is somehow growing - but I haven't a clue how to turn that around. So playing the prosperity game hasn't been fun for me because it feels like work. I just want the Universe to provide it as I would like to spend it, and that is how I got into debt ...


This is very helpful to me . Because getting out of debt is a concern of mineand when Iam spending my checks on buying more things or other pleasures ,guilt comes to visit. Now as my checks are getting into BIG money I will soon be debtfree. I will really be able to enjoy the love, peace,happiness that I share with family and friends.

Jan Cartier

I accepted the challenge of creating joy when paying my bills, and thinking about whatever assets I have.It was a May ezine I think. It made a huge difference. I play the game with more freedom and excitement. The game of asking became more interesting as a work in progress of how I would use the flow and its essence for all levels of desires. No restrictions, except one. It has to suit me wonderfully.I think it has to do with faith. That we do better as and when we can do better. Breathe deeply and dream.


I am soooo glad to see this question posted! This has been a big issue for me with the prosperity game as well. Especially when I could pay off my debt with one check! I'm going to pay off all of my debt tonight! Yee-haw! Thank you!

Kate Bacon


I understand this thinking (but maybe from a different perspective). I sometimes "bury my head in the sand" and don't want to look at my online bank account or my monthly expense sheet (it took me ages to create one for myself). I feel like this as I don't want to face the "lack" that I feel is "certain" to show up in my accounts!

Conversely, when I DO keep track, not only do I have clarity about where I stand currently financially, but I'm beginning to realise that I can also get CLEAR about what I'm asking the Universe to provide!

WIthout this clarity I believe I'm giving out "muddled messages" and am unlikely to get back the financial freedom that I wish for.

Hope this helps, and have FUN playing the Prosperity Game...it's the FEELINGS generated that make it work!

Love Kate x

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