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This is great! I always feel disconnected from myself. So how do I get more connected?

Susan L Reid - Alkamae Blog

There are a number of really cool ways to become more aware of your connection to your Inner Samurai. The most delicious way is to find something pleasing to you to look upon. It may be something in nature, someone you love, or even your dog or cat. Feel how wonderful it feels? Our Inner Samurai always responds to beauty. Now just cultivate that feeling and get to know it more deeply.

cheryl howard

I wish everyone here loads of prosperity in every aspect of their lives for not just today but always.

Jeanne Lesniak

I wish everyone peace, joy, prosperity, excellent health, and unconditional love each moment of their lives in every dimension of their beingness.

Rose Hughes

Celebrate life in unusual ways today and always. Immerse yourself in peace, harmony and happiness and then share these feelings with others all around you!!

Kate Bacon

Wow Susan, what a post! The part that resonated most:

"The moment we let go of our external need for completeness, we begin to manifest what we desire."

What a beautiful way of describing letting go of lack and connecting with our true essence.

Thank you!

Kate x

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