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I intend to create:

1.) A financially abundant life that comes from sources that are fulfilling and make myself and others happy.

2.) A joyful attitude about my current employment, knowing I will soon be working from home doing something I love and that brings me incredible joy and more money than I ever dreamed.

3.) A loving, fulfilling, committed relationship with the man who is meant to be my soulmate.


I intend to create
(1)the wonderful feeling of being comfortable in my own skin - the confidence and pleasure from having a slender, healthy and graceful body that brings the joyful feeling of being at one with the world and nature.
(2) the confident, safe and secure feeling of knowing we have enough money and will always have more than enough to live our best lives.
(3)to generate in myself and project to others warm, loving and accepting feelings that are reciprocated in abundance.
Bless everyone and all our good intentions.


I am creating:

A life of abundance, where my desires are manifested easily and quickly.

A home that is warm and welcoming and filled with peace and beauty.

Relationships born of love and nurtured by mutual respect.

mary F

1 better health

2 financial success

3 travel

mary F

1 better health

2 financial success

3 travel

mary F

1 good health

2 financial success

3 good relationships

mary F

What I choose to create-

1 Good Health
2 Financial success
3 hiking experiences

all with safety joy and fun


I intend that I create the life of a professional writer for myself.

I intend that I earn a bountiful income by doing what I truly love!

I intend that my writings serve to inspire and uplift all who read them.


What I Intend to Create

1.A wonderful, committed, loving life partner/husband in my life.
2. Unlimited abundance in my life and a thriving, fulfilling private practice.
3. Lots of fun experiences with friends, with a romantic partner and with myself.




Thank you very much for this opportunity to share my intentions and thank you for hearing me. I intend to create now; a loving, committed relationship with a special man. An income of 50,000 a month in my business. A daily exercise program.


Thanks for creating these additional links and pages Elyse that are just great as an addition to both PPP Classes but also to the Oprah and Eckhart classes!

1. I choose to create higher and higher positive vibrations and emotions every day.
2. I choose to continue to create a healthier physical, emotional and spiritual Self every day without making it "work."
3. I intend to attract and allow more of the financial abundance that has started to come to me and which I know I richy deserve!

Thank you for all you are and all you share Elyse. :)


Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

These are the things that I choose to have, be, create and experience:

1) Good Health: I choose to be strong, energized, aware of my physical, emotional and mental needs and magnetize to me the people and opportunities that support and enhance my best of health on all levels.

2) I am attracting to me a positive, loving, passionate, spiritual intimate partnership with a beautiful, tender, loving, powerful, creative man who lives from his quiet centre of truth, harmony, love and power.

3) I choose to share my truth with others, knowing that I am always safe to voice my truth and wisdom.

4) Last (for today) but certainly not least: I welcome into my life financial abundance. I am aware that money is already flowing to me in many creative ways. I am grateful and joyful for that. Welcome money! Thank you for all the gifts that you are bringing to me, and for all the gifts that I am yet to receive with your appreciative assistance!

*** I am open and ready to receive the ever flowing abundance of life. I am the beloved daughter of god and I am grateful for being taken care of for now and forever, on all levels of my life. ***

Marlene Chism

I intend to create joy and I will see possibilities for myself and others.

My new thought is that I will "VOTE" for peace, unity, prosperity and joy which means I may at times have to challenge those things that try to get my vote....impatience, self-absorption, drama, comparisons etc.


I intend to create:
1. financial responsibility and abundance
2. a willing attitude to try new experiences
3. working 20 hours a week at my new job


i choose:

1. life & love without limits.

2. perfect health for me & mine.

3. freedom!


I am so grateful for everything I have RIGHT NOW, and I look forward to enjoying:

1) All the wonderful money owed on successful creative projects already written: six to seven figures in the bank, OH YEAH! All debt payed off easily...

2) A fabulous new living space, with views, close enough for an easy commute

3) Wonderful new friends and social group who are vibrating at the same frequency-full of fun, joy and moving forward!


I intend to create an inner world free of sadness and past trauma

I intend to manifest my financial needs whether my emotional state is up or down

I intend to love myself fully

Emma Hackforth

I intend to create a wonderful new job at Cavendish Maine.
I intend to create financila success and a savings plan for me and my family
I intend to create a home that I love
Thank you Elyse, your emails always show up at exactly the right time and kick me into action and postive ways of thinking that get my energy back on track


Thank you, Elyse, for the wonderful opportunity to share my intentions with other supportive and loving beings!

I intend to create:
1. Multiple steams of wonderful and enjoyable income of $9,000 per month while continuing to be a stay-at-home mom.
2. Perfect and complete health, perfect vision, and perfect and healthy nerves throughout my body.
3. Wonderfully uplifting, lasting, deep, and happy friendships.


The link returns a DOMAIN NOT FOUND message! :-)


1. a harmonious home filled with joy and peace.
2. financial peace and a life filled with calmness knowing we will always have more than we need.
3. a loving and supportive group of family and friends to share my life with.


I intend to embody the relationship of my desire that is ready for me. Amen. and so it is.

Michelle Sears

1. I intend to create a business that is self rewarding and self fulfilling.

2. I intend to create a joyful and harmonious relationship with my husband and children.

3. I intend to help others create lasting change in their life.

Thank you for this wonderful audio. It has helped me examine my vibrations that I am sending out and getting in return.

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