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I have several things in my life that are off kilter. I have been anxious about everything. I think now I will allow this moment to be new and create another outcome, not the ones I am worrying about.


I LOVE it! Excellent article!




today I realised that I am creating but being stuck with the same thought I am creating the same thing day in and day out. change your thoughts and change your outcome. I am starting writing affirmations out and reviewing them in my mind.

sharon eiffel

True, there is nothing more empowering than knowing that we can change our circumstances in any given moment. Discovering the power of our thoughts has certainly been life changing for me. I am glad to have discovered this and am very thankful for the classic book, The Science of Getting Rich! Our thoughts create our world and harnessing the power of thought is certainly liberating and amusing especially when you begin to apply it and see things change before your very own eyes. Actually, rather than trying hard to deliberately control your thinking, I would say choose joy. Just choose to be happy at all times and as you continue to do so, this will open the floodgates to more joyous experiences.

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