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Beautiful post! Just a note, though, that the survey you've linked to is closed.

Anne Robertson

Yes, I noticed the survey is closed too. Any reason?
I agree whole-heartedly with Paula re post.
As ye sow, so shall ye reap, according to my copy of the King James bible, so unless everyone wants peace it doesn't happen.
If one wants to know what one's inner thoughts are, one looks at one's results. Good or bad where your thoughts are so are your results & a rich 7 peaceful life is so much easier to live than chaos bitterness and anger.

Kara Lennox

Well said. I do not seek out war news, but like you said, some filters in. When this happens, sometimes I find myself upset. But most of the time, I refuse to let it interfere with feeling good. (Then, of course, I feel a bit guilty--what's wrong with me that I don't feel bad because of war and violence?) I have more work to do, but I'm making progress!

Cynthia Brant

Great article and great web presence. I have been following your growth for several years now and love the game. Have challenged many friends to follow it also.

I am currently working on a wonderful retirement product, that is guarenteed to assist my life in wonderful ways. However I am attracting some foul blocks. When I read this material I can more completely find my way out of the rabbit hole I seem to have fallen into. Thanks for your support. I would love to ask for help but don't even know what to ask for. I just know all questions will be answered and all will be revealed.


Eliana Gilad

I loved reading your post about the war.

Living in the Northern Galilee, the real test for finding the peace "in here" began on July 13th when the bombs started to blast all around me.

I decided to use the war as a personal metaphor and to practice peace in the middle of it. Where have I been throwing bombs in my own life? How do I not understand the "other"? With every bomb that exploded, I chose to allow it to blast open the stone wall surrounding my heart.

I wrote of my experiences as I sat sequestered in my house, running between the computer and the small hallway, which was the only "safe" room with no windows as missiles crashed.

I opened a new website:
www.peace-in-war.com dedicated to it. The electronic book is titled:
Quiet in the Eye of the Storm: Living Peace in a War Zone.

In addition, I have been writing of many positive experiences, inspiring to me and others, during the war on my blog: www.inspirationalmessage.blogspot.com.

I am so grateful to be alive and so appreciative to have found your beautiful site!

It would be a great pleasure to send you a gift, of the book. I only need to receive your email.

All the best,
Eliana Gilad
Founder, Voices of Eden

Elizabeth Morgan

I do watch the news but sparingly and I carefully pick the news outlet to make sure I'm getting one that doesn't exagerate or use fear to tell a story (or does it the least). Why do I watch the news? Because I consider it an opportunity for prayer, healing and energy work. As much as possible, I watch with my prayer journal in hand and write prayers for healing based on what is in the news. I also do energy work on the region, issue and/or leaders involved.

I know the news is too heavy for many people to tolerate but I used to work in the industry so I can filter out the garbage better than most people and instead use it for community service of a type.

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