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I agree with Elyse completely, and I have actually played the Prosperity Game all the way through several times on my own. Every time I do, I end up manifesting at least a few of the "out there" things on the list.

And yet, right now, I feel completely trapped in resistance. I have manifested money miracles several times. I've had clients come from nowhere. But every time things start to roll, a piece of me seems to shut it down and I can't quite clear it. I sort of feel like the kid learning to ride a bicycle who finds her balance for a split second, then loses it and hasn't gotten the rhythm again.

Yes, what we resist, persists, but gentle dissolving hasn't been working either. For the past six weeks my income has been decreasing to crisis point no matter how much I choose prosperity. I breathe, surrender, meditate, ask for help, allow it to come, visualize, etc. but I haven't turned the corner.

I KNOW this process works. I've had it work for me and I've seen it work for others. I'm very good at what I do and yet right now I haven't been able to reverse things. I know it's because I really need to make an internal shift on a complete core level. It's put up or shut up, but I'm still missing something.

I apologize for being a downer. The Prosperity Game works. I'm just wrestling with a deep transition and haven't resolved it yet.



I don't think you're a downer, and actually, it makes me feel better when I hear someone share their stuff. There's times when I am feeling totally down, and wondering what I'm doing here (the place where I moved). That was like - yesterday! haha : ) But, I know we all hit plateaus on the journey, and those have been some of the most challenging spots for me. So, I'm gonna keep pressing on.

Sending love thoughts and white light to you Beth!

Starra : )

Sheila Boyd

Today I chose to invest some time re-reading the Prosperity Handbook. I too stopped playing the prosperity game. I found it difficult and challenging to spend $50,000.00 in one shot. I have enjoyed purchasing property and building cabins for artistic retreats to pure relaxation and recreation...and these places have provided as REAL an experience as actually doing some of these things. So why did I just stop? As best as I can realize, I got content and have done some amazing things. Today I woke up and realized I had another month of bills coming in and I don't have the abundance on hand that I would comfortably like to have. I also noticed that I am so grateful to have the best work I prayed about having in my studio, I am resisting completion to "hold on" to it. Realizing what I am doing, I asked last night to turn over my resistance to Spirit. This morning I received this e-zine. I found my desire once again and connected with your comments. I am now feeling so not alone, and your words, Beth and Starra, have inspired me. I am grateful to both of your for blogging, and to Elyse for providing the space. I've work to do and I am feeling blessed and excited to live this day to the fullest! Thank-you!

Jim Johnston

What a lovely and timely reminder to continue playing the game! I had stopped when I hit $87,000 per day. I think that I stopped because it seemed too far away from reality. But of course, until our lives are ideal, our visions will be distant from our daily experience.

When I stopped, I made a powerful statement that I did not need any more stretching. What I realize now is that I require more practice at spending this much money.

I have resumed playing the game.



I have been playing beyond the 5K mark; however, I must confess, everytime I go through the page where you declare your 'resistance' which I always pick low--although it does not feel low most of the time but fake it 'til you make it, no?--I hate it! I feel very uncomfortable just looking at the word. So, I have a suggestion, how about changing the word to 'belief' and that way concentrate on lining up 'desire' with 'belief'. I would use prayer and ask God to increase my 'belief'so that it matches my 'desire'. Thank you Elyse, you are awsome!


I am so thrilled that this reminder came today. Like Sheila, it was the perfect gift at the perfect time for me. This is an act of abundance and proof that I AM on the right track. I took it as a gentle reminder to keep stretching, as Jim mentioned, and remember that I deserve the steady flow of abundance on every level. Emma -- I keep in mind the image of resistance is the brake pedal when I do that portion of the page. I find that I can PUSH the restance I feel lower by breathing through it, concentrating on it and letting it go. Soon, it dissolves and I can mark that my resistance is low because I've made it low. I am very glad I have this tool and this forum to help me sharpen my thinking and my skills.


Beth, your comments on 9/21 really was relating to what I am going through. It feels like I am stuck regardless of what I try. I hate dwelling on the negative and that bothers me also. Since that time have you shifted and if so what helped. I need some serious support right now.


I'd sort of lapsed in playing the game, only going in now and then and not every day and don't ask me how I got to this particular article so much later than everyone else! I just got led to it tonight. Although I'm only on day 9, things have already started happening and I am so very grateful to Elyse for introducing me to Abraham-Hicks.

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