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Linda Crawford

In relation to resistance would love to share my recent experience. I was scheduled for a keynote presentation on tuesday and already felt the day before my body physically respond to the resistance(fear) of moving into this brand new experience for me. I have done alot of speaking but not at this level before. I had hints of nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea (lets just say my body was responding to thoughts and related emotions from fear). The notion of feel the fear was being felt without a doubt. I knew that my fear stemmed in fear of failure, resisting moving into something bigger, will I be good enough, blah blah blah. Basically witnessing my mind making up stories as the days unfolded to the actual event. As I chose to move past my resistance and stories I began creating in my mind other more positive and supportive ones. I had a vision that I was hosting a party for all my friends to share with them all this wonderful information on Law of Attraction and that I would just get to play teacher like I did when I was a little girl. The short of the long is that as I continued to challenge limiting beliefs with new beliefs and a different story, my seminar was a huge success and was asked if I would consider returning again. Having the courage to truly face a fear and do it anyway left me empowered and truly vibrating.My Motto in this moment to remind myself of...never give up - finish what you begin...EVERYTIME! and celebrate it everytime!!!!

Carla Sanders

I am stepping up to the greatest adventure of my life, and I feel the old patterns guarding the gateway. Thinking small, worry, fear, focus on lack and difficulty. I am grateful for the awareness, for I must confess, I do not feel bad, or shake in my shoes. I feel wonderful and optimistic. Yet I can feel in my cells the resistance tugging at me to stay safe, and maintain the familiar territory of procrastination and failure. I have the telltale though from time to time: You are living in a dream world, get a real job, who cares!!! I know that is resistance. I choose to be alert to these signals and actively convert them to thoughts and feeling that match my adventurous ambition. Blessings, love and success to us all!

Louise Ann Woodcock (KFRP)

I have stopped playing the Prosperity Game. So on reading today's CP newsletter I questioned my doing so.

As it happens, I stopped playing the Prosperity Game on line (for the time being) because I have been too busy playing the Prosperity Game in the real world. Things have really changed up a gear or two for me and though there is no change in £ abundance yet, it can't possibly stay that way because of all the other energy abundance in my life. Through challenging the fear and having a higher level, let it just be, look for my reflection, not a driven attitude, I have found my personal power and know who I am. (many tools used to get here:- Primitive & Postural Reflex Balancing; Neuro Linguistic Programming on my heart Chakra; helping others with human touch)

My physical energy is just pouring through. I have stopped depressing this and now I am honouring my free spirit, or natural intent without checking it.

I feel complete contentment, huge love, can't stop smiling, I am calm, chilled out, feel beautiful (lost 10lb in three weeks) because I am doing as I am knowing.

In my world of abundance I am dancing 3 times a week swimming, going to the gym, taking the kids to all their clubs running the family home and allowing in my next phase of life work.

All this and having come from a place of Fear Paralysis & Withdrawal, M.E., & an autistic responce to people & the world. I have a smile in my heart and on my face, a skip in my step, and eyes, ears, heart and arms open to the community.

Following on in my world of abundance, I have been practising the Isaih Effect (Gregg Braden) Prayer as it should be:-

Hands in Prayer Position(energy circuit) Think the thought (positive if you want positive back, feel the thought in your body (nice if you want nice back), thank yourself and the universe / God for knowing you already have it. (And thou shall be done)

You then access true uninhibited unchecked free spirit knowledge, intuition, guided direction.

The universe and your world then mirrors the wonderful feelings you have had and the vibration ripples out to those around you. And with the hundredth monkey effect hopefully when enough people feel this way everyone of us can feel this way.

This is a skill and although we all bump into some of it's elements as we search and practise some of the principles, Gregg Braden has reminded us of the protocol and the purpose of True Prayer through his investigations into ancient knowledge.

In my world it is only a matter of reflection to having physical abundance because I feel I have everything now I have my free spirit which is True Love.

Love & light for today & always - it's only a breath away.

Thanks to Elyse Hope Killoran for being one of our role models.

Sandra Winter

I originally started playing the Prosperity Game online and then switched to the downloaded version as I found it easier. Although the downloaded version sends checks about every four days instead of daily, I love that I'm "reminded" to play the game when I reboot my computer.

That said, I have dealt with a lot of resistance. Before I found the download version, I was constantly forgetting to visit the website and having trouble thinking of things to spend the money on (!!!). Once my game got up to $30,000, for instance, for some reason I stopped getting checks at all on the download version. (Talk about resistance slapping me in the face! :-) ) So I uninstalled and reinstalled and started all over again. I am happy to report that I am now up to $50,000. Although I did experience some resistance again around the $30,000 mark, I just breathed through it and said to myself, "I know I have dreams that are bigger than this and no matter how long it takes, I'm going to let this resistance go and trust that ideas that are fun and resonate with my values will come to me." Sure enough, I did get more ideas and have been playing the game regularly.

And I've been experiencing an increase in energy and a lot of free and low-cost things coming into my experience -- winks from the Universe. Although I should also point out, in all fairness, that I keep a gratitude journal and do a lot of other things to work on allowing abundance in my life. Anyway, it all works together to raise my vibration and increase my flow.

Thanks Elyse for offering this wonderful game and for creating this forum and this discussion, and thanks everyone who's posted so far!

Curtis G. Schmitt

Yes, yes, yes! Thank you for calling me on my resistance!

I, too, have stopped playing the Prosperity Game. For me, resistance comes up in the form of rationalization. If I don't see a very clear link between the time I'm spending on something and the specific results its creating in the short-term, that action will slowly (or sometimes not so slowly) drop down in my list of priorities, until it falls off the list. The problem, of course, is that most of the things that are best for us and those actions that produce results in the long-term! (Stephen Covey's Quadrant II, for those who know his work.)

One of the tactics I've developed to overcome this kind of resistance I call "literal prioritization." I've found that it's harder for me to spend time on non-urgent actions at the end of the day when I'm tired. So I literally make first things first, and I do what's most important to me as soon as I get up in the morning. I'll get up as early as I need to (and go to bed as early as I need to) to make time. It's such a powerful feeling to take care of the most important things first. It's a nurturing feeling, too. A real feeling of self-love.

Several of my coaching clients have found this tactic to be effective, too, especially when their goal is to develop a new habit.

So here is my public commitment: I commit to playing the Prosperity Game as part of my Morning Ritual. Thank you so much, Elyse, for the call to action! Peace & Passion to you!

Kathryn Alexander

I haven't stopped playing, but I've slowed down. At $20,000 I find it hard to think of things to spend it on. Your comment/Abrahams? that when resistance become greater than our desire everything comes to a halt, has had a profound impact. A real AHA! Now I'll watch my resistence and gently love it away. Several of you who have posted previously have given me ideas on how to work with resistence. It is almost delightful to see it showing up so clearly in everything I do to increase my prosperity. Even with all of that I feel I live abundently AS LONG AS MY STANDARDS DON'T GET TOO HIGH. Within my box things are fine. As I attempt to enlarge my box, my reistence shows up. Very interesting.


rosemary pacheco

i've come a long way,and have just started to feel like i am making a difference in my and my 16 year old daughter's life...at 46 yrs. old.
i want to give her more, and make her proud of me...make sure her education is paid for,and that she is healthy and happy.
i'm lucky in many ways - i have a great family, wonderful friends, i have some incredibly nice people making my own designs in china, and i am working for a company which enables me to travel and meet interesting people...i still feel sadness, though when it is 4 days before new year's eve,and i am alone, without a life partner...it's my one great wish to open my heart and find my way to him.... how do i stay on track in attracting partnership,and less of being alone, especially during the holidays? it's not that i haven't had my offers, just not what i thought were the right ones....for me...
by the way, i wish everyone the ability to manifest their hopes and desires for '07. god bless.

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