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Linda B

Appreciating and Allowing vs Wanting - Oooooh, that was a biggie! It is so true how focus on wanting is difficult to detach from lack of having. I like how focusing on the other areas of abundance will help bring all to fruition. It feels good to realize that subtle shifts like this and focus on the appreciation of the desire, will bring about positive creation!!! Thanks for the wonderful insights.


The subject of abundance being much more than monetary is particularly relevant to my experience - at least I am noticing more the wonderful things that cannot be bought with money. Noticing these things, like family, health, friends and re conecting with old friends is making me feel full of joy and gratitude. These experiences give me confidence in the infinite possibilities available to me, and to us all xxxx


I think it has to do with knowing what you want and then not be attached to it and staying in the flow of things. I am noticing how good it is to be in the flow and many good laughs and conversations and moments that can easily pass you by if you aren't in a positivie unattached grateful state of mind. I cannot be thankful enough for being in this peace of mind, I can appreciate because I have been through hard times and its wonderful to be here.


Because I am such a visual person the quoits are truly a help to my ability to stay in the flow. Thank you


I was just saying to a friend last night about how Abrahams information when practiced brings me such a sense of ease and relaxation.To just be reminded to look at abundance in so many ways really does allow your flow to flow and my oh my have relaxing that is. I am watching a major project in my life unfold... and I am working on something completely different but in the beginning I lined up the right people and then like dominoes as I went off and focused (appreciated) on something else this project is coming into amazing fruition... with ease. Beautiful wisdom.


Whenever I read some inspiration from Abraham I do feel more relaxed and somehow safer. About the wanting, there are so many subtle energies to this prosperity awareness and when I become aware of something new I love it. Also, once again, to be gently reminded that prosperity is all around me, not just in the form of money, is worth it all. I am truly grateful and feel surrounded by a much higher and kinder vibration. Thanks.


I just read the 6/27 quote, and was not sure where to put my comments. Here is the gift quote from Elyse: "To make a dream come true, one must have a dream, believe in it, and work toward it. Often it is essential that another significant person believe that the dream is possible: that person is a vision carrier whose faith is often crucial." Let us carry the highest visions for one another and for the
entire planet." I absolutely loved the part where another significant person believes in the dream. I need to add that piece as of late to my life. I have been playing the game and doing things with gusto, and have felt isolated. And now, for the wish from me, requested by Elyse:
I wish that everyone in this community has an obvious, UNDENIABLE piece of evidence in less than 24 hours after reading this. The evidence displays the direct correlation between surrender and softening to Love and Abundance and the very desire for it. My wish comes with no strings....I do not need you to "get to" a certain feeling set point. I do not expect you "should" feel anything in particular at all. In fact, if you feel angry, FINE! No problem! Whatever it is, I know for you that your desire trumps ANYTHING ELSE and I am 100% aligned that evidence manifests radiantly, and so obviously that you cannot miss it. Me too! Love, Jenny


I believe in YOU. May we all surround ourselves with peace, prosperity, and successful people who can lead us toward greater lives and deeper fulfillment.


I feel the love that flows as I read the quotes from the Masters. This causes me to remember how blessed I am to have love of family and fellow travellers. Money is some thing we desire to help others and ourselves obtain material things ,however joy, peace and happiness comes from the inside.I wish for each in this program prosperity in all areas.

Claudia Apfelthaler

Hi all!

I understood we are to desire for all what we desire for ourselves. So here goes:

I see you bathing in joy. I see you living the life which is true to your soul. You are free to do, come and go as you please. You are not hindered by financial circumstances. Your home is filled with laughter. The car of your choice has a full tank and is ready to take you to your destination. Your play is your work. You radiate confidence and wellness. You are walking in the light.

Angie Salanio

I had already posted my wish for everyone earlier and then I realized that I just started a process that will make my brother richer by $40,000. My property broker called me at noon today informing me that she has a buyer for my brother's property for $40,000. I'm selling my brother's property for him and after 10 years of waiting for the perfect buyer at the perfect price, it will come to pass. It is so serendipitous that I got the info today on Day 27 of the Experiment on Circulating Prosperity.

Ursula Pottinga

My eager anticipation and wish for you is joy, peace and fullfillment. May you have love from family and friends, may you feel safe wherever you may go, may you be at peace with change and embrace each day, fully and without a story of lack or limit.
May your prayers be that of thanksgiving and may you be filled with a sense of play and ease.

Dixie Elise Hickman

Where several gather with one intent, as we have in this experiment, Power is also gathered and released to the purpose of that intent. Therefore, we affirm that Prosperity manifests in every aspect of our lives, richly, abundantly, and easily. As our lives are enriched, so our lives enrich those around us. In gratitude and joy, we revel in the prosperous world we are creating. And so it is!

Sue Burness

May each of you understand, finally really believe, as I am beginning to, that there is MORE than enough love, time and money for everyone.

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