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Dear E~lyse,
well i wanted to take the time to tell you that my life, for sure has opened up in all directions. This last month has shown me I'm happier, that i am loved by myself, my husband my family and my friends. My creative work is flooding in, the cheques are coming in, i'm calmer becasue i have learnt how to change my thought patterns whenever i feel sad or negative, or worried, the inner voice in me suddenly speaks up and tells me to turn that thought to a positive, and i belive so much more that i have the power to manifest what my heart desires....for eg , today i was given some sad medical news, but the inner voice in me knows i will overcome this, i have the strength to turn my negative to a positive. So i thank you and everyone else involved in this experiment, for all your love, support and help.
peace, love, and thanks.


I also wanted to take a minute to thank you, Elyse, for the wonderful experience of this experiment. This morning, as I was riding my bike to work, I started thinking about all of the ways that my life has improved. My relationship has become more calm and loving and fun. My attitude has shifted to one that is more open and positive. I may not yet be working full-time at my heart's desire, but I am working at it part-time, deriving a lot of joy out of the time that I do spend with my true work, and, for the first time, it feels truly within my grasp to create a life working exclusively at what I truly desire.

On the day of the Jetta exercise, I chose to look for green cars. I have a green car, so I felt more drawn to that particular color. Now, I see green cars everywhere, and each time that I see one, it reminds me that I create my world and I get to choose.

This has been a wonderful experience for me this month. My sincere thanks to everyone who has been a part of this experiment - May you all be experiencing such happiness and fulfilling change.


One of the biggest things I have noticed in my creative abilities this month is I have overcome the propensity to let little set backs rock my entire world. When a set back occurs, it is a little signal to me that I need to redirect my course. When I have a challenge, then I simply adjust my direction and continue on toward my goal. I might have one idea of what to do to achieve my desires, but the Universe certainly knows an easier way. And when I can get myself out of the way, then the Universe will provide me with everything I need, and then some. THANK YOU UNIVERSE.

What I like about my sister is that she is very loving, supportive, and has great ideas.

What I like about drinking water is it is good for me and very refreshing.

Kate Bacon

I shifted my sense of lack from a couple of days back, re-connected with my inner self and (with a great bit of coaching support today) have ramped up my energy 10 fold.

Result: one new client on 10 hour retainer from 1st July; another potential piece of work for a couple of weeks; a coaching enquiry; and most of all the energy to seriously "go for it" in terms of marketing my business offering.

Gaining clarity about where I want my business to be, alongside allowing myself to be in the best possible energetic state has enabled me to "ask" at a much higher vibration today...

...I will continue to receive with the utmost gratitude.

Thank you so much everyone for your amazing energetic input this month.

Kate x

Greg Roles

Perfect timing Elyse, as I too have kind of topped out a bit after surpassing my hopes from June 1. I've been really feeling the thrill, the joy and the fun at money appearing, opportunities popping up, and just what most would call sheer "luck" for the first 15 or so days. Then once I got "the job" and my future became a lot easier, I kind of "ran out" of the same level of desire. Things were going well and still are, yet I wasn't as excited to play the prosperity game, as I'd bought all those "things" I wanted in the game, and started to wonder what else I wanted.

Your final push post is a timely reminder to retap back into those feelings and to continue the good work. I must say I now have a totally different mindset and small things, money, luck, opportunity are comming to me every day...or perhaps it's the fact I am now tuned into them, rather than the hassles? I got a reminder for my overdue phonebill yesterday, and it didn't phase me in the slightest, I just know it will all work out.

I am spending the day going back over my wish list, revisiting all the posts as you advise, and really pushing myself to get back into the thrill of it all.

I am liking the fact I can "tap" into a collective, worldwide group as i manifest. Thanks everyone!!

Bob H.

One of the wonderful things about participating in the event is the immersion in affirmations of prosperity for an entire month. Prosperity has become ingrained in my being in a way that it never has before. There are ways that I am giving joyfully, knowing that in giving, I am receiving. I am receiving in ways that may have not seemed relevant before, but those ways are making me a match with my desires. I am being pulled into alignment with the lines of force in the universe, as surely as gravity holds us to the Earth. Now it's a matter of floating downstream and allowing prosperity to manifest itself from the inside out. Resistance is futile. I am happily submitting to an irrepressible destiny of prosperity, abundance, and happiness.


After musing on what I feel is the biggest impact this month has been on my life, I would have to say that it is I now have an inner sense of calm. So much so that things that normally would of had me fretting and worrying had little impact. I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this experiment, for sharing your stories and wonderful insights, it has been truly energizing at times. Thank You Elyse for making this all possible, it has been absolutely inspiring!!


I have tried to stay positive and have happily offered up my wishes to the universe, with an open heart. I have abundance all around me, with a beautiful country side environment, I have the love of my family.

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