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I wish to every being in tis universe the ultimate love, joy, happiness, abundance, prosperity, wealth, health in every aspect of their lives and I wish they attain the total satisfaction in all their endeavors they par take.
Let it flow


My wish for everyone is joyful prosperity doing work that you LOVE and that serves the world. That you transform easily and serenely. That you have health, happiness and love for the greatest good and highest joy of all.

Maxine Smith

My wish for every single being taking part in this experiment and beyond is to live and love life to the full; with love and joy in our hearts that permeate out to all we touch and come into contact with. May today and everyday be filled with immense JOY as we express our true selves.

Val C

I wish for every living being on this planet that they experience, even if only for one moment, a joy in being alive, a feeling of gratitude for being part of this world and to experience unconditional love for another being at least once in their lifetime.

Dana Batho

My wish is for everyone to discover what it is about them that is unique and special, and to believe in themselves and their ability to manifest only the best into their lives. May we all work together in our glorious uniqueness to create the world that we all want to live and prosper in. May the Force be with you all on your journey!!


Some say that truth is when
fact and reality match...

I wish for all of us that we are a match inside and outside for our highest good, and the light that shines from within all of us not only illuminates our own lives with prosperity in all areas of our lives, but also the life of every one and every thing we touch.


Angie Salanio

I wish for everyone to be rich, well and happy wherein every phase of our lives are all in divine order now and that we are all loving and loved and doing what we love to do.


My wish for everyone is that you truly connect and know yourself, that you always feel safe and free to express your true self. That abundance and love flows to you like rivers to the sea. that you have the grace and courage to live your dreams.

With love,


My wish for everyone is that, The light of God surrounds us;
The love of God enfolds us;
The power of God protects us;
The presence of God watches over us;
That wherever we are, God is and because of His Divine Grace, ALL of life comes to us with ease, joy and glory for our highest good and the good of all concerned!


I wish you all the life of your dreams, wonderfull kids and a loving partner. I wish you joy happiness, cruises, exotic holidays, good health, a long long life and a big smile all the time. Friends all over the world, doing all day the things you like. Feeling good, and loved, all the best in the world !!!!!!!!


May anyone who reads this be transformed in LOVE and LIGHT....

mary F

My wish is for everyone to clebrate life with love Joy and abundance and living their dreams being happy with loving folk surrounded by peace and plenty on planet earth


I wish everyone to be prosperouse, healthy and safe in their lives. I wish for them to do the jobs they love and fulfill their purose in life.


I wish for all of you the best day of your life! I send out to all of you my intention that you experience all the Joy, Love, and financial prosperity you desire. I want all of you to be filled with overflowing happiness, intimate life transforming Love and to recieve all the money you need to tithe, pay your bills, payoff your loans and have plenty left over to have loads of fun with!!!!!!


My wish for everyone is unconditional love, unlimited faith, unstopable hope, abundant health, endless peace and boundless joy.


I wish for everyone to love and feel loved, to bask in joy, prosperity,and well being, and to laugh a lot.


Yes, I'm with Bob on this one, I gratefully accept all of the above...Nice one Bob! x


I wish for each of us to be filled with peace joy exactly as we are right now in this moment regardless of what our reality looks like - to know who we are and that, as Abraham says, all is well.

Elyse Hope Killoran

'May you be financially blessed today. May the Universe open up and pour out a blessing, that you will not have room enough...to receive it all. May you be blessed exceedingly... abundantly... above all you could ever hope for. May you be blessed in such a way, that you will walk in a financial overflow for the rest of your days. And may you be blessed with the Divine Guidance to use this abundance for the highest good. In the name of all that is Good. Amen...So Be It... And So It Is. Let's all pray this prayer for each other.'

Tom Selkow

I wish for all beings to be intimately aware of and connected with the pure positive essence that is theirs. May we all know and feel the connection between all things. That we all experience the flow of Universal energy at its fullest and most unrestricted state. I ask that this be manifested in the highest, most loving and easiest way for all concerned.

Cheryl Howard

I wish everyone here loads of prosperity in every aspect of their lives for not just today but always.

Claudia Apfelthaler

Hi all!

I understood we are to desire for all what we desire for ourselves. So here goes:

I see you bathing in joy. I see you living the life which is true to your soul. You are free to do, come and go as you please. You are not hindered by financial circumstances. Your home is filled with laughter. The car of your choice has a full tank and is ready to take you to your destination. Your play is your work. You radiate confidence and wellness. You are walking in the light.


I feel the love that flows as I read the quotes from the Masters. This causes me to remember how blessed I am to have love of family and fellow travellers. Money is some thing we desire to help others and ourselves obtain material things ,however joy, peace and happiness comes from the inside.I wish for each in this program prosperity in all areas.


I believe in YOU. May we all surround ourselves with peace, prosperity, and successful people who can lead us toward greater lives and deeper fulfillment.


Here is the gift quote from Elyse: "To make a dream come true, one must have a dream, believe in it, and work toward it. Often it is essential that another significant person believe that the dream is possible: that person is a vision carrier whose faith is often crucial." Let us carry the highest visions for one another and for the
entire planet." I absolutely loved the part where another significant person believes in the dream. I need to add that piece as of late to my life. I have been playing the game and doing things with gusto, and have felt isolated. And now, for the wish from me, requested by Elyse:
I wish that everyone in this community has an obvious, UNDENIABLE piece of evidence in less than 24 hours after reading this. The evidence displays the direct correlation between surrender and softening to Love and Abundance and the very desire for it. My wish comes with no strings....I do not need you to "get to" a certain feeling set point. I do not expect you "should" feel anything in particular at all. In fact, if you feel angry, FINE! No problem! Whatever it is, I know for you that your desire trumps ANYTHING ELSE and I am 100% aligned that evidence manifests radiantly, and so obviously that you cannot miss it. Me too! Love, Jenny

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