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May the light of love and abundance touch each one on this list and all that they connect with in their day to day life - and especially the ones that they may be having "difficulties" with.


Lillian Bajor

I wish for everyone to feel deep peace with their life, to see the beauty of who they are, to bask in the abundance of love, joy, laughter, consistent financial flow and to live a happy healthy meaningful life!


I came to this particular site and day to read the wonderful wishes and feel upbeat again.

I wish everyone in this Universe, unconditional love, joy, peace, unlimited wealth, health in mind, body and Spirit, genuine, honest friends and family, financial freedom, support, love what they want to do, when to do, luxury homes, vacations, travel, businesses and deep gratitude that I can express them here. Thank you to all particpants here for reading my post.


I wish that each of my fellow experimentors receive their heart's desires. I wish you all love, peace, good health and all that makes you happy that doesn't impede on anyone else's happiness..

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