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I sincerely believe that gratitude can change one's life. I have been keeping a gratitude journal for over one month now. I do it in the morning and it has made a world of difference in how I go into my day. I also write my intentions for the day and I do a few affirmations. I could probably start the journal in the evening. I'm just a little concerned that I will not be as consistent as I am in the morning. I try to live by thanking God in advance for the things I wish I had. I have to admit though, some days I am more grateful than others. I do try to say "Thank-you" for something several times per day so that my vibrations are that of gratitude instead of lack.


I find that this practice has grown so much that I do it all through the day and not just morn or eve...once I started really seeing what was before me, I kept seeing more and more and more - truly there is an abundance of life to be grateful for. It almost is a mantra. I am blessed enough to live in a remarkably and exceptionally beautiful part of the country, where I get to see mountains, sea and green daily. Thank you all for your participation this month. My energy has definitely spiraled up and I am noticing changes showing up on the outside as well. My love and desire for your continued joy...~Annie


Oh! And the butterflies! A different colored butterfly has 'happened' to fly right past my door EVERY DAY since this started, no matter what time of day I go out. How cool is that??!!! ~Annie


I believe that recognizing and acknowledging things we are grateful for is the foundation of all success. And though I want to practice daily, I sometimes forget. But catching what I have to celebrate, to be grateful for is great too. So I am thankful for this practice and I intend to persist in my practice of it. If nothing else, it gives me a focus of the abundance of my wonderful life.


One of the single most significant things that I started doing in my life about 7 years ago, still has a profound influence on me to this day. Every time I write a check, in the memo line I write TYG. This stands for "Thank You God". As I write the check, I feel gratitude for the person/company that provided me the product or service, I feel thankful for the mail carrier that delivers my check, I feel gratitude that I have the money to write the check and I feel gratitude for anything/anyone else that is involved with the purpose for writing the check. A hugh shift came over me when I started doing this and I can honestly say, that I now feel as though I will always have more than enough money to pay for whatever I have to pay for in my life. Now that I pay my bills "online" or the amount gets automatically taken out of my account, I still give thanks and gratitude for the service when I receive the notice that it has/will be taken out of my account. Try this for a month and see if it helps you shift to a different place when it comes to paying your bills.


I have started a gratitude journal NOW after reading these comments. I am deeply grateful that I live in a beautiful country, have the means to study what I like, Forex Trading and extremely grateful for wonderful health in mind, body and Spirit, for food, clothing and a houes to live in. Thank you that I can play the Prosperity Game daily. Thank you, thank you, thank you, God, the Father.

Tonya Chenute

It is a most powerful thing to TRUST in this mighty UNIVERSE, TRUST in GOD, and to thank God and the Universe for giving what I ask/choose for my life. To release my desire to the Universe, let it fly, and KNOW my request is being handled. I AM IN AWE OF THIS! It is so new to me. My past has always been to want what I want and to be so disappointed if my order :) didn't come out just like I wanted. I AM LEAVING THIS BEHIND NOW, IN FAVOR OF WHAT WORKS. And I am so very grateful to be alive, to have good air to breathe, good friends, beautiful things, my family, my kitties, my work, so very much! And I APPRECIATE that I have come to this state of consciousness and that all of you here on this experiment are with me. It is such an awesome world :)!

I do want to talk about LINING UP WITH, BEING IN "ALIGNMENT WITH" what I choose. Oft times I will choose something and then forget to really align with it. And this simply does not work! So when I choose something in life, when I ASK for something from the Universe/God/This World:), I am now consciously CHOOSING to do everything I know to do, like PREPARING, BEING AVAILABLE, BEING OPEN, to what I ask for. Otherwise I have no integrity, no AUTHENTICITY in this world of MANIFESTING. This is new for me to truly BE AWARE of whether or not I am an energetic match for what I say I want.

Surrendering my will to the Universe has been a humbling experience. I have been practicing today and at times I felt so very vulnerable...and other times I felt connected to the most powerful/noble being of this world. I have just begun this trusting, AND I ALREADY KNOW WHATEVER COMES IS FOR MY HIGHER GOOD AND THAT ALL IS WELL.

SO YES, I AM THANKING GOD IN ADVANCE NOW. And would have never believed this could be possible before, jeez!

Wonders never sease :) !

Bob H.

I am grateful for the things that are manifesting in my life. There is a shift of appreciation that is proportional to the shift in prosperity that is mine. As I begin to give, I begin to receive. As I Ask, It is Given. As I Love, I am Loved. I appreciate the abundance of all things that can be considered blessings in my life. I am rich and prospering in more ways than monetary. That, too, is growing in abundance, and I give thanks for the now and in advance of those things in which I am coming into alignment.


I did not take Elyse up on the challenge at the beginning of June, reasoning that I had so much going on I might not make it to the site everyday. I now see (reviewing my time and actions for the last month) that I did have the time, had I made the effort each day. I am very grateful for finally realizing this. So, Elyse, if you decide to run this special experiment again, or if you offer this experiment as an ongoing link, I'd certainly be one who would take the time to join.


I appreciate the opportunities I am afforded, the opportunities the universe provides me, the people it delivers, the love that is ever prevalent, the joy, the richness of life. I appreciate and value all facets of my life equally. I appreciate that I don't always understand why things happen, but know that the universe is ever divine and always has a master plan that if I avoid resistance (doubt) and appreciate each moment I am cared for, loved and ever abundant.

In love and light,

Kate Bacon

Just saying "thank you" and appreciating even the smallest things in your life FEELS wonderful and makes me grin! x


I started a Celebrations Journal a week ago and will add Gratitude to my Celebrations starting now.

I have a special stash of Thank You cards that I send out regularly, either to someone who as helped me or simply touched my heart in some way.

What I like about this experiment is it offers so many options that everyone can find something they can do to increase their level of prosperity.

What I like about increasing my prosperity is it has increased my ability to feel and truly experience joy in every aspect of my life.

What I like about my job is it is flexible, the demands are low key and the people I work with are wonderful.

What I like about Florida is the weather (I love it hot and sunny) and the green foliage we enjoy year round.


I have started a "receiving - gratitude" journal, also including in it "what made me happy, where did I find deep peacce, comfort or solace, what inspired me", all focused on making daily (evening) entries. It's slowly becoming a part of my practice for each day and I do believe it has a powerful effect. When I read Day 26's post and the part about "I appreciate you because..." this also feels wonderful. I know there is a block I have towards someone right now and I want to clear it and be in a higher frequency state when I talk with this person, and I will work with this exercise in the morning to help me move back to center.

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