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Well, after lots of little prosperity events proving themselves to me, the month is almost over, and my biggest event just happened.

We settled my husband's workers comp case the last week of May and were told the settlement check would be 8-10 weeks in coming (sometime at the end of July or beginning of August). We have been making it in the mean time, but REALLY could use this check ASAP (read "last week would be good!"). Our attorney kept telling us it just took time for it to get all the required signatures and approvals and then move through all the proper channels.

We REALLY needed to get some cash quick and, in an effort to be proactive, started the process to get a loan/advance from a company this week. Our attorney advised us against it and let us know some of the paperwork he would be required to sign if we proceeded (he would be required to send our settlement check to the company for them to disburse back to us!). We agreed with his assessment and rather than get upset, told him that when the Universe stops us from a particular course of action, it is because there is something better on the horizon. He was skeptical, but was thankful we didn't get mad at him.

He just called today to say that our check was in, 4+ weeks sooner than expected! And the insurance company sent two checks, each for 1/2 of the settlement amount: one made out strictly to my husband and one to our attorney and my husband. So we can go over and pick up 1/2 of our settlement, and have it free and clear today! The remainder has to go through the attorney's escrow account and will take about 10 days for us to get it. We got our money when we really need it, don't have to pay any exorbitant interest rates or fees to a loan company and we get the learning in the process!

This gives us another amazing real life, tangible example of how using The Secret and the tools we have learned during this experiment really work if you apply them consistently, joyfully, thankfully, and with love.



Basically, since I haven't done all the days yet, I can't really report anything. Something strange did happen in the past two weeks, though (I'm trying to be generous here, it could be nothing -- and negatives are involved, I'm afraid):

I needed a summer job very badly. I went to a temp agency as soon as school let out (I'm a sub teacher). I had called them the previous day, in the afternoon, immediately after I did my Prosperity Game for that day.

I was asked my office skills (not much). I also said I had been a proofreader for many years. The lady immediately said they had a proofreading job in (something temp agencies don't get often).

I went in, in high hopes for a job that would take me through at least most of the summer. I tested, I got the proofreading job -- and was told it was for just five days.

So I had to start all over again, going out dressed up in very hot weather in a non-air-conditioned car, after the five-day job.

I had a good experience on the job ... only to find it ended after three days, not five.

I'm not sure what to think now. I must have a job soon. It will be getting hot again, looking is a nightmare.

Any advice from anyone? Sorry for the downer. I will make every attempt to put positive thoughts in me for now.

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