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Peggy van Zalm

Thank you for this opportunity to post my intentions for I choose to create!!!
Blessings abound

I intend to create a courageous, loving, accepting and uplifting personal energy that transforms all around me through my relationships, music and art

I intend to reap the joyful and bountiful good will and prosperity emanating back from my creations

I intend to increase my awareness, mastery and anchoring power and to be a living example of the positive conscious use of the law of attraction and other divine will laws


Thanks for reminding me about the power of thought! In this moment I choose:

Renewed unlimited financial abundance coming from numerous sources

Renewed love and joy in relationships

Sharing joyful creativity and inspiration with, from and to others

Mary Jo

What I Intend to Create Now
1. A worklife that energizes me with joy, does positive things for the world and pays me more than I need.
2. Family life that is supportive, secure, FUN and growthful.
3. A home that nourishes my life with ease and blesses all who live and visit.


thanks for the oppotunitey to share it,s come just at the most perfect time,now!..no1..to create a place of community trianing youth in biusiness self employed suport no2..financial truths for youths not traps of old no3..fun/joy/win/win/win deals in lifes&love/spirit of care & suport thanks agian ..friends..L,O,V,E....


Thank you for this opportunity to put my intentions out to the world - I intend to create a beautiful, tender, playful, inspiring partner to share my life and dreams with; a deliciously nourishing and fullfilling job that nurtures my gifts and encourages my growth so I can then support others as well; and finally an abundance of money flowing into my life everyday from many unexpected sources so I can study my dream course next year :)


create serenity at home
fun and prosperity at work
a safer world


I welcome into my life:
1. A loving, nurturing, joyful, passionate, committed relationship with the perfect man.
2. Abundant income from many sources, including fulfilling work that makes the best use of my God-given skills and talents.
3. A beautiful home that nurtures my body, mind and spirit.

mary F

I I would like to creats extra income and abundance
2 Good and happy relationships

2 good health


My intentions is to:
1. Create a calm and supportive home with lots of energy thet supports me and my children in our lives.
2. Create a prosperous company that is an financial success as well as it supports my personal development and is a stimuli for me and also my children lives.
3. I want to create a company that is a choicepoint for many people, a place of growth, insights, joy, understanding, development, change and prosper. It is a place of connection, joy and love.


1. A beatifull house sea sight, garden, flowers, pool,candle lights, romance
2. A true and warm women, a wonderfull tender and loving person, nights of passion and time together
3. A new job with loving collegues, who appreciate me, accept me, relaxed working, which gives me a good feeling and pays very well and gives me smooth satisfaction x


Thank you for this prompt!

1. An abundantly prosperous new career that I LOVE which allows me to have everything that I desire. It allows me the time to explore my creativity and the resources to really help others.

2.A beautiful, airy and light home of my own...one that I own easily and effortlessly.

3.A life full of excitement, love, travel, abundance and the fulfillment received from helping others,


At this moment, I declare that:
1. I am finanially wealthy with multiple sources of income. I enjoy my work and the beneficial service to my clients and the world. I am blessed and a blessing to others and divinely guided in all decisions.
2. I am involved in a beautiful, loving, mutually fulfilling relationship.
3. I exude vibrant health emotionally, physically and spiritually. My life is filled with gratitude, purpose and acceptance.


Thank you for the space to tap into this loving and supportive energy.

I choose to create a mutually loving, supportive, fun, and sexy partnership, financial abundance and independence, and my true life career that will allow me to fully express my creativity and love for community and the evolution of all people.


I choose to create financial prosperity and abundance. A wonderful job where I am appreciated and where I am happy and give to others. I choose to create my soulmate relationship. I choose to create peace and love in all of my relationships.


Thank you for this opportunity to post my intentions and the wonderful 8-minute audio course that you gifted today.
My intention is to have one million origami cranes sent around the world to wherever children need peace.
My intention is to continue to be surrounded by loving friends and family who support themselves and me in experiencing joy, love, abundance, wholeness and peace.
Many blessings in your work.


1. strong, fit body and vibrant health

2. a new source of income that brings together fun, meaning and prosperity.

3. a home that rejuvenates and inspires those who live there, and welcomes abundance

Becky McQueen

1. I intend to create a lot of business.

2. I intend to create a beautiful relationship with the new beautiful man in my life.

3. I intend to relax in my intentions.


I deeply appreciate your help in my life (you don't know that!) and this opportunity to share energy with others.

I declare that:
1. I am abundantly blessed in all aspects of my life - vibrant health, financial freedom, contineous spiritual guidance, excellent intellectual, emotional and mental health.
2. I have a beautiful, loving, mutually fulfilling and nourishing relationship with my soul mate.
3. I am doing my healing work with total confidence and thus making my dream of helping others come true.

I send love, peace and joy into everyone's hearts.

Taylore Vance

I intend to create travel to far-off countries

...while I help people there put the Law of Attraction in operation in their lives.


1. to exert more control over my thoughts. My health is improving daily.
2. to set up more parties if it is to be done it is up to me
3. Debt free, all profits from parties will be saved to apply toward debt

Thank you

Sue Elliott

Hi, Elyse! Thank you for the reminder to choose again! I choose:

1. Work that is so much fun that I can't wait to get up in the morning and get started on it

2. A delicious relationship filled with sensuality and laughter

3. Travel to beautiful and delicious places all over the country and the world

I love you!


Such fun, thanks Elyse.
I am creating:
1.Joyful work, in service, with financial abundance.
2.Flow of funds with ease and comfort to meet existing financial commitments and provide for learning, service, creativity, travel and a home.
3.Opportunities to develop and provide programs to educate and support immigrants and their employers.


I intend to create great wealth in my life doing things that bring me joy and fulfillment. The wealth will be drawn to me in many ways and will be the financial freedom I am feeling is mine.

I intend to create a healthy body physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I intend to live in peaceful co-habitation with those I love understanding we are all so very different.

I am so very grateful to have an avenue to share my intentions.

Thanks you, Elyse.



Today I declare that as of this moment, I intend to create:

1. A financially prosperous, and abundant life where I have at least $5000 coming to me every through unlimited channels from the Universe. This income will allow me to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to, including being able to implement my dream of creating an awesome inter generational non-profit community center in my country.

2. I intend to create a new, totally healthy, vibrant, energetic and lean body.

3. I intend to create nurturing friendships, to be surrounded by love, and to have a fabulous partner and companion in my life.

Thank you God for my new life.


1) a solid relationship with a man i desire, who feels the same about me.

2) my own creative outlet, to use my "uniqueness" in creating my own prosperity.

3) satisfying income/ abundance to purchase the things i need and desire.

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