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BZ Riger, the path to a woman's inner game to wealth

Hi Elyse,
I think you are right, Tolle is saying the same thing as Abraham and many other people. He is using his voice and his life vision and frame. But the essence is feeling the Source within you and releasing the other "distractions" that come from the human perspective.
I love the fact that over 700 thousand people logged on at the same time to watch the first class. It is exciting to be as Abraham says "on the leading edge" of the thought and to welcome all those people who are discovering they are not their thoughts and they can be or do or have whatever they want...
Looking forward to the fireside chat Friday.


"What I've now see with absolute clarity and conviction is that there is one "Truth" that can be spoken through many different messengers but will always brings us to the same conclusion. As I explain in the audio referenced above, it does not matter where you begin (with Eckhart Tolle, Abraham, the Kabbalah or direct messages from Jesus, the Buddha, the Dalai Lama...) you will find yourself moving to the same place.

This a core of truth is magnetic and, if you align yourself with it, you will find yourself drawn, step-by-step, into a higher, expanded perspective where you will be able to clearly see the connection between all of these messages."



I am so greatful to Eckhart Tolle and Oprah for turning me onto Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor and her beautiful book ""My Stroke of Insight"". Her story is amazing and her gift to all of us is a book purchase away I'm happy to say.

Dr Taylor was a Harvard brain scientist when she had a stroke at age 37. What was amazing was that her left brain was shut down by the stroke - where language and thinking occur - but her right brain was fully functioning. She experienced bliss and nirvana and the way she writes about it (or talks about it in her now famous TED talk) is incredible.

What I took away from Dr. Taylor's book above all, and why I recommend it so highly, is that you don't have to have a stroke or take drugs to find the deep inner peace that she talks about. Her book explains how. ""I want what she's having"", and thanks to this wonderful book, I can! Thank you Dr. Taylor, and thank you Eckhart and Oprah.

sharon eiffel

True, there is nothing more empowering than knowing that we can change our circumstances in any given moment. Discovering the power of our thoughts has certainly been life changing for me. I am glad to have discovered this and am very thankful for the classic book, The Science of Getting Rich! Our thoughts create our world and harnessing the power of thought is certainly liberating and amusing especially when you begin to apply it and see things change before your very own eyes. Actually, rather than trying hard to deliberately control your thinking, I would say choose joy. Just choose to be happy at all times and as you continue to do so, this will open the floodgates to more joyous experiences.

Donna Govan

The techniques are keys as long as you do your part.



Michelle Sears

I was a part of Eckhart's webcast with Oprah and the other 500,000 people and it taught me a lot about self awareness. It was the first time I was introduced to this way of living and it has made a profound impact on my entire life.
Take care,

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